Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Silly

Here are a few items I've found while perusing online today that are absolutely, completely jokester items. I actually think it's mean that they are for sale, because someone MIGHT buy them. But probably not.

Here they are:

1. The "Ear Cuff"  - As if a blue tooth or swarovski colorful crystals aren't bad enough, let's just roll them up into a little sparkly ball and call it an ear cuff?! WTF is an ear cuff?? One should wear this on a first date. With some they obviously aren't into.
Race to buy this here at Asos
2. Knuckle Rings - this must have been thought of by a beginner marketing student who learned that the best type of product to create is one that fills an "unmet need," except they thought that a knuckle ring was a need. It's not, and to me, it's ridic.

Find these mings (mini rings) here
3. Silk Bodysuit - now this gives the ILLUSION that you are wearing a bra and underwear, but you actually aren't - you are wearing a full body suit. 1) This would be interesting to wear while hooking up with someone drunk - to test weather they knew it was an illusion or not 2) It's $822. A large price to pay to look very unsexy.

Check out the THONG DETAIL here
And if you want to play hard to get this weekend, buy this...


  1. this is the funniest thing ever. Thank you for the great laughs with these body suits.