Friday, September 21, 2012

White Collar

So I did a post on collared shirts the other day, because I love them, but I noticed today that is showcasing these collar necklace things, which inspired me to post again.

Obviously, to each his own, but I just don't care for these little add on collars, I think because what I like about collared shirts has to do with the shirt part. I love the button down look, the structured shoulders. The collar is just a portion of it. I'd like to add some other suggestions for collar ideas, which go beyond adding a pointy 2 sided necklace to your sweater. How about just embellishing your existing collar? has some cool ways to do this, and you literally can morph your top into a different one! What an efficient accessory it is!

Find these "collar tips" at Asos for only $17.25!
If you want to get a bit more authentic with it, or just casual, find a lariat (I think that's what they are called), ya know, a cowboy's "necklace," and put this around your collar. I admit, these "lariats" are not really that easy to find, which leads me to believe I probably am searching under the wrong term, but anyways, you probably could wrangle up a few on

5 minutes later: I've come to find that these might be called "bolo ties." Search under this term instead.

More "bolo ties" here

If you aren't ready to dive so far into the wild world of western wear just yet, try a necklace around your collar instead, just to "tie" everything together. haha. It will immediately make your look shirt more polished, and give the westerny/menswear effect. 

Found here. Just focus on the collar.
And last but NOT least, isn't this just a beautify top, below? Love the leather detail. 

This sweater is by VEDA. Find it at Revolve Clothing.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Needs

A few other things came to mind as I have begun creating my fall shopping list - I think it's the high 70's/low 50s sunny weather here in Manhattan that has got me going :) Here are the items I want/need/might order today, if all goes as planned:
Ash Motorcycle Boot
1. ) Literally I can't explain my need for these Ash Motorcycle Boots. I'm ordering today. Hopefully they are comfortable enough to walk 1.82 miles in (home --> work). Find them here with the black studs - rather than the silver ones. Oh, I cannot wait to put these on!!!

Also really like these Sam Edelman "Aster" flats. The texture is a little exotic and they are a good  alternative to the typical flats. Also hope they somehow come with gelly/airy/spring bottoms, but I doubt it...

More to come, from my Fall List. If you are working on yours, check out Piperlime - I really didn't know much about the site (Except that it's part of Gap), but I like that they have a "Girl on a Budget" section with some good picks from their celebrity editors like Olivia Polermo and Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe also has an Editor's Pick tab that I think is the BEST. Perfect solid, timeless pieces with cool textures and structured cuts. Things you can wear for a while, and always look put together. Like this bag must add to listttt :)

The "Werdie" Bag by Marc Jacobs. How cute is that name? Find it here.

Also, if you are a new shopper, be sure to sign up with your email to receive a 15% off everything! Extra deals are always nice.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lean Back

In perusing potential leather jackets for the Fall, and also checking out some other blogs, I came across this great image, below. The post happened to be full of different colored leathers, but even better are the awesome photos. Enjoy!
Find it, and MORE, here.
After checking out the season's styles, I realize I am still more tempted by the traditional jackets - either motorcycle or  shawl collar. Love this one (below) by Burberry - but wish the sleeves were a bit longer. Why are they all around 24-25"?!!
Find this at Neiman Marcus
And this one I LOVE - especially the fit - and you can tell how supple (don't love that word) the leather is just from the photo. Think I will probably go with this style.
Find it here 
And if you too are in the market for a new leather jacket, check out Revolve Clothing  - they have a really good selection right now.
Another cool image from Purse 'n Boots Blog

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ever Since I Can Remember

I've loved collared shirts. They are timeless and add just enough of a menswear inspired touch to any look. Classic and structured and perfect. I feel like even a ponytail becomes stylish with a fitted collared shirt.

Here are some looks that I love from shopbop. BTW, Shopbop has revamped there site, which I would be very curious to know more about. A) Has it helped with sales? I actually think it's harder to navigate and less aesthetically appealing, but the proof is in the sales! B) Why are items not tagged properly! Just googled collared shirt" and received one item. Not good!

By Tibi

And oh how I love this. And even as good from the back!
Find here, at Singer22

Friday, September 14, 2012


This just came up on WhoWhatWear... are they serious? Man, I can't even imagine how many men would be drooling after the "girl in the tiger sweater." Seems like a prime product for the ManRepeller..

On a prettier note, this is awesome for fall. So many options with this one! I want I want.

I wish I had ordered it in advance. It would make the perfect outfit to wear this weekend, to the Brisket Lab.(Joking, kinda). My friend invited me to her neck of the woods to go taste some brisket and OMG doesnt it look sooo good. So may things to try in this city, and so much good food!!

How cool is this look btw?
More here!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Beauty Balms

So this is a but astray from my normal posts, but I do LOVE beauty products and I also love learning about what's new, and sometimes, what is being reinvented. I've tried a lot of what's out there and consider myself pretty familiar with both skincare and cosmetic product mixes. A new product to the market that I thought I would share is Garnier's BB Cream. It's basically like a tinted moisturizer on steroids: more skin benefits, more SPF, and in my opinion, better coverage.
Buy it here,  or at your local drugstore.

I enjoy staying aware of new drugstore products and love studying their packaging, but I've found as a general trend that price does (most of the time) impact the quality of beauty products. There are always exceptions to the rule, however. I have long gone with Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and recently switched to Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm, but I saw an ad for the Garnier product and of course needed to test it out.

I actually purchased the light and the dark formula and mix them together to get a more fitting blend. This product smells great (in line with other Garnier scents), and the color and texture is really smooth. In the past, I've found that it's the texture & pigment that differentiates drugstore level cosmetics (skin, lip and eye) from more upscale products. This BB Cream is actually the first drugstore cosmetic product (aside from Maybelline mascara) that I've wanted to consistently use in a long time, and the value is great. From a marketing perspective, a huge selling point to me was that the cream was grouped with the skincare products (although there was most likely no other option - Garnier doesn't have cosmetics, right?), but casting this skincare feel on the product reinvents it and creates a bit of a wedge between it and other tinted moisturizers. The fact that you can call it "balm" but it actually serves as a kind of foundation isn't a bad strategy either. Good job, Garnier.

If you're interested in further researching these BB creams, this article is helpful.  So have you tried the beauty balm? Do you think it's just a fad, or is it the modern day tinted moisturizer? How do you think the drugstore versions stack up to the higher end products?

Friday, September 7, 2012


Another small leave of absence I've taken, as I recently moved to a new (much cooler) apartment and done some other random things. But in the midst of "building" my new room - nesting, if you will, I've found some things that... I just really want I just really need. Again, I find etsy housing lots of these thingys.
1. Raw Wood Coat Rack
I'm going to possibly, potentially try and make this on my own. Once I find wood. And a saw.
2. This Surreal Photo. It called to me with it's title "Room for Rent."
Apartment hunting in NYC is NOT FUN. And that is as polite as I can be about it. (I get frustrated when I even think about the 3 weeks I spent with my roommate walking into little dumpy shitholes with sweaty brokers telling us that it was the best thing we were going to see in our lifetimes. Anyways, 3 weeks, 45 apartments, 6 open houses and 4 application rejections later (we were "outbid"), we got a palace.) With a terrace. yea.
3. This is kind of cool because it's a wooden sign that you can customize. Make it your own.
I have an idea of what I would want it to say, but I assure you, it will be nothing like "Dream" or "Laugh Out Loud" or something "Home Sweet Home." I also think that given that I already have a deer head (horns, no head) hanging above my nightstand, which casts a shadow on my ceiling (Cool), that this cowboy would most likely be overkill and I should bring out the rustic theme in other areas. So I think I will do that. Anyways, still a kind of cool thing.
4. Lastly, there is this rustic looking painting that I really like the colors of. 
I like anything like this where you look at a photo/painting/small birdhouse/whatever and you think, "I'd live in that, or at least walk around in it, if I could.

So these are my current little prizes that I want to win.