Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Needs

A few other things came to mind as I have begun creating my fall shopping list - I think it's the high 70's/low 50s sunny weather here in Manhattan that has got me going :) Here are the items I want/need/might order today, if all goes as planned:
Ash Motorcycle Boot
1. ) Literally I can't explain my need for these Ash Motorcycle Boots. I'm ordering today. Hopefully they are comfortable enough to walk 1.82 miles in (home --> work). Find them here with the black studs - rather than the silver ones. Oh, I cannot wait to put these on!!!

Also really like these Sam Edelman "Aster" flats. The texture is a little exotic and they are a good  alternative to the typical flats. Also hope they somehow come with gelly/airy/spring bottoms, but I doubt it...

More to come, from my Fall List. If you are working on yours, check out Piperlime - I really didn't know much about the site (Except that it's part of Gap), but I like that they have a "Girl on a Budget" section with some good picks from their celebrity editors like Olivia Polermo and Rachel Zoe. Rachel Zoe also has an Editor's Pick tab that I think is the BEST. Perfect solid, timeless pieces with cool textures and structured cuts. Things you can wear for a while, and always look put together. Like this bag must add to listttt :)

The "Werdie" Bag by Marc Jacobs. How cute is that name? Find it here.

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