Friday, September 21, 2012

White Collar

So I did a post on collared shirts the other day, because I love them, but I noticed today that is showcasing these collar necklace things, which inspired me to post again.

Obviously, to each his own, but I just don't care for these little add on collars, I think because what I like about collared shirts has to do with the shirt part. I love the button down look, the structured shoulders. The collar is just a portion of it. I'd like to add some other suggestions for collar ideas, which go beyond adding a pointy 2 sided necklace to your sweater. How about just embellishing your existing collar? has some cool ways to do this, and you literally can morph your top into a different one! What an efficient accessory it is!

Find these "collar tips" at Asos for only $17.25!
If you want to get a bit more authentic with it, or just casual, find a lariat (I think that's what they are called), ya know, a cowboy's "necklace," and put this around your collar. I admit, these "lariats" are not really that easy to find, which leads me to believe I probably am searching under the wrong term, but anyways, you probably could wrangle up a few on

5 minutes later: I've come to find that these might be called "bolo ties." Search under this term instead.

More "bolo ties" here

If you aren't ready to dive so far into the wild world of western wear just yet, try a necklace around your collar instead, just to "tie" everything together. haha. It will immediately make your look shirt more polished, and give the westerny/menswear effect. 

Found here. Just focus on the collar.
And last but NOT least, isn't this just a beautify top, below? Love the leather detail. 

This sweater is by VEDA. Find it at Revolve Clothing.


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