Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lean Back

In perusing potential leather jackets for the Fall, and also checking out some other blogs, I came across this great image, below. The post happened to be full of different colored leathers, but even better are the awesome photos. Enjoy!
Find it, and MORE, here.
After checking out the season's styles, I realize I am still more tempted by the traditional jackets - either motorcycle or  shawl collar. Love this one (below) by Burberry - but wish the sleeves were a bit longer. Why are they all around 24-25"?!!
Find this at Neiman Marcus
And this one I LOVE - especially the fit - and you can tell how supple (don't love that word) the leather is just from the photo. Think I will probably go with this style.
Find it here 
And if you too are in the market for a new leather jacket, check out Revolve Clothing  - they have a really good selection right now.
Another cool image from Purse 'n Boots Blog


  1. Absolutely adore the Rick Owens jacket. Wish I could afford. I got a Muubaa one that is somewhat similar. xA

  2. Oh I am totally obsessing over leather jackets right now! Love them...why do that all have to be soo expensive?!


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  3. I found my jacket a few years ago at Stradivarious, I think it's time for a new one :).

  4. I agree :) If you're going to commit to a new jacket, it better be perfect!

  5. I am on the prowl for the perfect leather jacket - I love these options! xx