Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Listen Up

http://hypem.com/track/1y3jj/EMBRZ+-+Slow+Down - EMBRZ "Slow Down"

http://hypem.com/track/1zenj/SAINT+PEPSI+-+Unhappy - SAINT PEPSI "Unhappy"

This song.... is soo good. It'll make ya wanna modern dance right out of work.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

These Booots Tho

I CAN'T stop thinking about and searching for these boots. I've slowly gotten on this tangent around yesterday at 2pm where I decided I needed yet another pair of pointed toe black leather boots (I am already clocking in at around 6 pairs - I may need other things, but shoes.. but my shoe game is strong) and since then I literally can't stop looking. First off I've noticed that when a style comes out, it needs a specific name. Trying to determine what a boot that comes to above the ankle with a slightly pointed toe and a heel that curves inward (1 inch-ish heel) with elastic around the ankle band so it fits tightly, almost like a glove to the foot and looks rocker/cowboy chic when you wear dark skinny jeans over it is a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS to try and google. I'm in search engine marketing, so this is my shit, but I DON'T know what this style is officially termed! So far the top classifications seem to be "Chelsea Boot" (ok), "Ankle Boot" (this generates a bunch of stupid wide-in-the-ankle-boots, "Boots" (good luck to me on searching by that word), "bootie" (umm) and then the hardest part is I don't want the typical Chelsea boot, which is clunky with a round toe. I want a pointed chic toe. THEN, in addition to this, I want black, preferably with a crocodile look. I can't buy crocodile (would if I could) so I need a printed look on leather to emulate this. This is called "embossed," I have learned. Next. I want the heel to be about an inch, not shorter, so it's flattering on the legs. Also, I want the heel to curve inwards so that it has a little bit of a western feel and looks cool with a tight jean over it, and this, I've also learned is called a "Cuban heel." I found this idea of a boot like 2 days ago when I was getting out of the 3rd Ave. L train and this girl had this like androgynous, westerny look with the coolest dark jeans hanging seamlessly over her boots (almost as if they were one unit) that literally bit her feet perfectly. So sleek - they looked like she didn't even have feet.. just boots for feet. And long story not short, I should have just asked her where she got the boots. So I am left sitting at my desk working searching for boots, and finally I type "Pointed Toe Embossed Chelsea Boot" and thank you Jesus I found what I had been designing in my MIND - the ROCK 40 SAINT LAURENT (sorry for yelling) Stamped Rock Chelsea Boot.

 I almost flipped out when I saw it was on Gilt - but much to my sadness, it was not in my size, and still $779 (although a good deal). On Barney's you can find them for $1,025 if you are such a lucky bastard so lucky. After searching and searching - (I must look so stressed, typing away over here) - I found the best, lowest priced thing that is still leather on ASOS.com - always a good go to for on trend leather goods at reasonable prices for about $100 - and I buy these.
Here you go - By Underground for $106 - if ya like em
So then this morning I take one more shot at the search and leave it to WeWoreWhat.com to mention "Modern Vice" on her OOTD so I check there and really, they have a PERFECT paid of embossed Croc Style boots - and I am about to order them, and then I muster up some sort of control. "Blaire: you haven't even gotten the other ones yet. what if you love them? Ps: No one gets rich from spending."
Ok so I'll wait. 
$375 - $400 with tax @ Modern Vice 
Honestly these are so beautiful. I actually like the style even MORE than the Saint Laurent ones. All though I'd FEEL better in the Saint Laurent ones (superficial, but true:). I made my final decision, which...who knows I may end up returning bc these British sizes seem to be a little effed in my opinion  Ex: Why does ASOS say a US sz. 8 = UK 5 when everyone else says it's a UK 6? Potentially the reason every shoe I've ordered from there never fits!? hm. So the trouble with later in the Winter purchases are: How many more months will I wear this? Spring shit is out, shouldn't I focus my efforts on that? I have a bunch of black stuff already - do I need more. lalalala. More visually pleasing pics for your entertainment & viewing pleasure below.
Worn by Johnny Cash - OMG


Cowboy boots with tight jeans



Ahhh, fuck it. I'll order the Modern Vice pair too.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things $$

I guess it's a little early for the 'ole Christmas/Chanukah wish list but sitting at a computer all day just leads me to searching and researching and finding and before I know it I need/want like 100 things. I love finding my favorite new pieces (nice designer ones) and then if they are trendy, trying to find a still good quality but lower priced version of it. These are a few of my favorite things....

First off, these 2 things by Victoria Beckham - why is all her stuff like perfect?? I actually wouldn't mind wearing a version of this dress (or the next one - my 100% favorite) everyday to work because it's fitted, classic and so sexy (I think) because of the contrast and tailoring. I just love both of these.

This bottom black dress with white contrast collar is PERFECT. I am trying to find a legit lookalike - I thought I found a DVF version and then an Alice & Olivia one, but now I don't know where they are. It seems like there should be a lower priced version of it somewhere, given how classic the style is. I am going to keep looking. This is a perfect Fall/Winter work dress. It might actually make online brokerage a little sexier ;) (My. Industry.)

ACNE Studios Booties - Find on Saks.com
Next up are these Acne Studios Booties that are on Saks.com right now. I initially loved the Miu Miu version from reading Weworewhat.com but then I found the Acne version that I also love.. and thennn... after checking out Asos (they usually have something comparable to the higher end version you are looking for) I found another pair that I ordered.

So if you like these, you might want to test them out with a $115 version that looks ALMOST identical - check these babies out:
Maybe they are SLIGHTLY less shinier but that is the only difference I see - A good option to test out the style. Find them on asos.com here
Get more ideas by checking out http://weworewhat.com/page/7/ - Love this girl's style!

A couple other good finds below:
Perfect retro sunglasses like those on Sienna Miller  (also love her shade of blonde, might be bringing a copy of this pic in Thursday when I have my hair blonded again) - if you like these, check out warbyparker.com.
I'd say most New Yorkers are definitely familiar with this brand that started online and now has some brick and mortar stores in the area - but the cool thing about the brand is that the sunglasses are all cheaper (starting at like $95) AND you can request 5 pairs be sent to you so you can try them on at home and then you order the ones you want! If you are interested, there is actually a Warby Parker deal on Gilt City right now  which I just purchased, because I knew I needed some prescription glasses and wanted to try their sunglasses. If you buy the $95 deal you get $120 towards Warby Parker site purchases (PLUS a $25 credit to Gilt City), and if you get the $150 deal, you get $190 towards the website $40 in Gilt City credit. If you are getting two pairs, the second works perfectly. I am going to hopefully really enjoy these sunglasses I ordered - and if I don't, it sounds like you can return with no problem.

I got these Greenwich sunglasses - find them here  - I love that round black retro shape. There are some Oliver Peoples styles that are similar, but these are hopefully just as cool and a good bit cheaper at $95.

 I think I just love this site because I am in the midst of working on my business plan for my Master's Program (in marketing) and I am also in an eCommerce course, so I'm paying lots of attention to well laid out sites that are easy to navigate and simple - but still full of good content - and I think this one is a perfect example. You can upload a photo of yourself to try the glasses on which is also a cool factor.

Now that the weather in NYC just turned (literally as of yesterday) cold, which I like - it's refreshing - I realized I definitely need scarves so I'm going to try out the "snood" <-- try looking up "scarves" on Asos.com, it's not easy. Apparently a "snood" is our "infinity scarf" which I think sounds super cheap and not too cool so I'm down for the snood. I just like that they are chunkier and thicker - no one wants a little mini scarf necktie - we need warmth! So on Barney's there are lots of good options on sale even - check out the warehouse site!

 Here's a pretty sweet one from Barneys.com but it's pushing $500 - but if you look on the warehouse portion of the site you can find some wooly ones for like $39.
If you need some outfit inspiration, check out this girls blog - Her name is Lizzy and she is not only beautiful but has a great playful style - slightly tomboyish which I love. She's from Amsterdam I think - check her site out here. 
As usual, I love that her style is a mix of highs and lows - Ex: nice bag, nice shoes, and maybe an H&M sweater. In my opinion, this is the SMARTEST way to shop regardless of how much money you have, because if you wear a few nice pieces then everything starts to look great. Also, you wear shoes and bags everyday, and multiple times, so these are great investment pieces. As for a fuzzy blue sweater - this most likely is not an everyday piece (although to each her own), so it's a good time to try something new for a cheaper price and then not have to worry when you don't wear it again.
 Check out this rose gold nail bracelet - it is engraved with the word "outstanding" (if I am reading it right) - which I am a sucker for anything with engraved words because don't you feel luckier/more powerful with some little word added to your body (I guess I just explained the entirety of tattoos?) - who knows. I love the extra details like this - find it on Etsy here. It's only $22 and ships from Manhattan!

Happy Monday ;) (Don't you kinda hate when people say that??)

Friday, August 9, 2013


This is SO FUNNY. Watch it. Today.

New Stuff

http://www.shoplatitude.com/ - OMG HOW did I not know about this site until now? I was browsing my usual sites and blogs that I scour each morning - my morning tends to look like this:
1. Sit down, turn on laptop, check work email while eating sausage egg cheese Dunkin Donuts wrap + Medium iced coffee with cream
2. Check account (I do search engine marketing so I look at how many people applied on our website and I check out all our work stuff.)
3. NEWS: 
a) just resubscribed to New York Times (which I am thrilled about, especially since I have a student discount and they now offer JUST the digital version - I got SO sick of having like 50 newspapers at a time rolling around my apartment, plus its a total waste)
b) WHOWHATWEAR.COM - this is where I found the magic. Love this site still. Will get to it later. 
c)MSN.com - I know I'm antiquated, but I like how it shows the main news all at once, and it's basically like a giant Picture Book which I appreciate it, so I can pick what I actually want to read words about. Plus I enjoy the "pictures of the day" celeb section. Shhh.
d)Twitter has become more interesting to me, ever since 3 day ago when I tweeted @SHARKWEEK - lols but it's a good source of news. Glad I finally figured that one out. Again, I'm a little late to this "social" game, I know. My excuse is that I just am on a computer all day for work and am in online advertising so why care about it on my free time. But again, I guess I should be up on this shit.
e) ok, e. Check ticker symbols for stocks I care about: My company, my stocks, stocks I might want to invest in. Impressed? Thanks, that's why I included that part. 
f) sample sales - Gilt.com mainly, although I am still not thrilled about this company. For 3 main reasons, the most recent being when my sandal FELL OFF MY FOOT (YES, it FELL THE FUCK OFF) when I was in Budapest like 3 weeks ago, so I had to go to like Budapest versions of H&M and pay in thousands of "chunks" as I charmingly referred to their currency the entire time (my family even started thinking they actually were called chunks, I think they are actually crowns tho? Who cares.) so I had to find a pair of sandals and I wasn't exactly thrilled with their fashion (or I assume I was just in the wrong places) so I had to wear loafers for like 7 days until I found a suitable pair of sandals in Prague. So I looked like a little weiner walking around Budapest, Vienna (actually this place is "Wein" in Austrian) and then for like 2 days in Prague. LOAFERS and a sweater, bc it was colder than I thought. SUCH a weiner. ANYWAYS, I would still shop at Gilt so blah blahh. And I still like looking at their stuff.
g) BusinessofFashion.com - this site is amazing and I love how it combines business (international news) with creatives in the industry and retail news and digital news and all these awesome things. I could read it all day and it inspires me. Particularly the eCommerce parts. 
h)SearchEngineWatch.com - because I want to see what is relevant to my job/what I can do to improve our account/don't want to look like an idiot if I don't know this shit given that it's my job
i)Blogs: http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/ - I just feel happy reading this one. Probably, no 100% will never make one of her "Hamburger desserts" (see I'm not joking) but those are cute and I mainly like looking at the clothing and she seems nice. http://thehyperbalist.com/ - I hope this girl has written a new article for the day, especially since they are long and funny - but she hasn't been writing much! Write more please hyperbalist!! Maskara.com - my new favorite beauty blog. She is SO GOOD.  http://seamsforadesire.com/ - I like it because this girl from Spain is a) just SO pretty and b) she wears very inexpensive clothing - mainly all H&M & Zara, so if you wanted to get it you could. It's refreshing to see a fashion blogger that isn't donning a full designer outfit right? I like it. I'm sure she has access to better excuse me, pricier stuff - but she owns what she wears and I like that. ManRepeller - also read this one sometimes. Every few days.
J)http://www.visualnews.com/ - trying to spark some creativity in myself. This site does it. Fo Sho.

SO I seem to have gotten a bit off topic.. a bit. I started on WhoWhatWear.com  and was initially attracted to this cozy skiing in Colorado in a beautiful rustic cabin look and this girl is so pretty right? 

In normal fashion (haha that worked out well) I wanted to know what she was about - plus I just started looking at one article and then it makes me to want to know background info on another thing and before I know it I'm like 30 minutes in and know all this info about a very particular subject, that most likely won't ever be brought up but at least I have this info. So anyways, she is Taylor Bagley, a model from the UK and she dates Zach Braff. That's basically it. So when I went to this necklace they were showing this necklace that I love on this awesome site called Latitude (shoplatitude.com), http://www.whowhatwear.com/look-we-love-laurel-canyon/slide17 (below) that is only $78 and really cool, I found this website that has all this super eclectic stuff - the website is Latitude.  Super bohemian. Super awesome. The tagline of the website is "Shop the World. Flaunt Your Wears." In case that helps understand what they sell. It's like an international market where you get buy "souvenirs" and just trinkets and clothing and stuff for yourself without going to the place. Like a legit anthropology where man doesn't have to shop the globe, you can shop it yourself. Background info: I'm referring to this TV show (not sure if it's still on) where the man claims to have the greatest job in the world (he does) and he travels for Anthropology buying things that will be (i think reproduced) and sold in their stores. He hunts for treasures at flea markets and art galleries and everywhere really. This guy is SUPER lucky. Second to the Brooke Burke (wild on E!, my ultimate dream job), Andy Cohen (interviewing the housewives, omg whyyy isn't this me) and the guy who tries out bars all over. This is real right? Or did I make this one up? OOOOOkkkk, enough about other awesome jobs. So below is the necklace I like.. I just have a feeling it's probably like a lucky necklace. 
Only $78, find it here 
God what I would give to be cloaked in one of these furs at my desk right now, mainly because it's so freezing in my office and I'm wearing something so boring work appropriate.
Yeaa gurll.
So on the site they have jewelry (which I'm most excited about), home stuff - sounds like a perfect ticket to getting that "apartment from a movie" eclectic look that you always see when you watch cute romantic comedies and the main actress has a low paying job at like a magazine or something yet happens to live in some large, sick loft that if it were real, would be located in Williamsburg for like 5k a month, and the wood floors are reclaimed and shiny and the pillows are rich colors with edison bulb lighting and the entire apartment is a giant place you'd want to curl up in - and don't forget the massive windows that are most likely italian style so you can turn the handle and push them out so your hair blows back as the cool breeze shoots into your apartment. SO, then there's also a souvenirs section, which I just love the idea of. I LOVE souvenirs. I love when people get them for me, I love the hunt of finding them for others, and I also love the idea of bringing something back for yourself that you know you got in another place because it makes you remember that great trip and feel free. I LOVE souvenirs. Even the word just holds a lot of great imagery. Similar to what coffee does for me. I love drinking coffee, but even moreso I love the IDEA of coffee. I love the mornings, and good coffee with the day ahead of you and how it gives you a splash of energy, and just the time in the day when you can think and wake up. It's good. I think it would be so exciting to be a creative (like a copy writer or art director) at an agency on a Coffee account because I bet there are so many emotions that have yet to be tapped into for advertising purposes. 

Then there also is a clothing section, which I am immediately skeptical of, mainly because.. how do I word this... how "eclectic" it is. I think I am using the wrong word here but I'll just leave it.So I just went ahead and clicked the clothing link and it has, in fact, confirmed my skepticism. NO NEED to click this link. As I refer to some clothing brands that will remain nameless - I refer to them as "don't fuck me" clothing because a guy would look at it and probably be like "WTF" is that - like super girly/yarn-filled/primary colors/ill fitting dresses most likely with some weird animal like a giraffe or a hippo crawling all around in oversized print. It's just not sexy. BUT I will be clear that this is my opinion, and I am not saying one should dress for the opposite sex or anyone else - dress for yourself in whatever you like. I am just mentioning this funny phrase that my mom and I made up a long time ago. And on this clothing landing page you'll see basically tie dyed tents that were transformed into "dresses" and strange yoga esque gear that you would wear on an all woman retreat. 
See what I'm saying?
Back to the point - there are other parts of the site with amazing things like journal sets ($30), rainbow string bracelets  (I want this so bad but it's $160), beautiful pillows - and the list goes on. This is an awesome site to get gifts too. So enjoy shopping and browsing this one if it's new for you too. I can't believe I didn't know about it!! 
LOVE this
Find journal set here.
Also exciting news: Madewell is getting a new head of design so there will be some exciting changes in store. I already love Madewell so I look forward to it getting even better. More here on that. 
And No, I didn't take any adderall before writing this post. I know what you're thinking ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Don't Say a Word.

You know how sometimes when you're reading a book or a news article and you find yourself just maybe reading the words but not making a meaning out of it for like an entire paragraph but you just go with it and then start focusing on the next set of sentences? YOU WILL NOT do that with any of the articles that this girl writes. Women, be prepared to be stunned, and very intrigued. Men, I don't know if I'd suggest these for you, as you might lose faith in females. New Yorkers, this will probably have even more relevance to you guys since the writer, Cat Marnell (used to write for Jane, Lucky & now VICE) & lives in Alphabet City. NOTE: this girl is not one for sugar-coating.

Enjoy - http://www.vice.com/author/cat-marnell

Very Glad I found this - for work entertainment purposes.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



This song makes me want to sip red wine. Like right now. At my desk.

Such a sexy voice he has.