Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Quickie

It's a Sunday and I'm not usually a bit typer on these days of rest, but I did want to quickly show something that got me reallyyy excited this morning ok it's actually noon.  Check out the "Spaghetti Weaterns" post on for some great western finds! They go into a bit of detail about how western films have influenced fashion and show some key pieces.
Visit the site here!
I'm most excited about this asos Leather satchel. Love the compact shape and this rich color leather. Best, it's a great price. Treat yourself to a little something this weekend!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brand New Set of Wings

While watching the Bachelorette last night with my roommates (*I don't particularly care for this show mainly because her vocabulary is so limited I get bored, but I watched it because it was DVRed, plus Emily's Charlotte house is near my parents') and she was wearing a few cool things. One that stood out to me was this eagle necklace, only because I've been looking for one but have found there to be a fine line between cool and American-y, and just too rednecky for even my tastes.
Emily's gear (and photo) found at this blog
The one she is wearing above, sorry it's not a great picture of anything, is by Robyn Rhodes and there are some really cool things in her online store. The necklace (below) is the actual one Emily is wearing and it's a really pretty piece. You could tell by the last episode (my media source says this is what she wore episode 3 but who cares) they were trying to liven her look up a bit (Navajo sequin skirt, Motorcycle tank, Eagle necklace, oh my!), but I like this designer because it's affordable and hand painted. 
Find this necklace by Robyn Rhodes Here
Then, while I was searching other cool birdy inspired necklaces, I came across this delicate & sweet necklace that I will feature, now, below. I call it, the clawwww.

This is a multi function necklace, that doubles as a fork. You can also use it to hand your friends skittles, and other small trinkets like that. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Eyeee

If you appreciate this kind of style... ya know, the entire point of my blog... then check out these photos I just came across on the blog purse 'n boots. They are amazing. Awesome outfits, and just great photos. 
Here's a little taste:

Yea? Yeaaaa.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shades of Grey, and Green

Today on Who.What.Wear they have an article about camo coming back into town! But they do a great job pairing it in the most tasteful way camouflage can be paired, with a collared denim shirt, a long blazer, over a flapper dress. Pretty cool in my opinion. We haven't seen much camo (that I can remember) since the late 90's grunge period, brought back in 2008 by the lovely Mary Kate, but hey!, it may or  may not be making its return.
Found this great look on Atlantic-Pacific. 
While rising search queries prove that this fad is on the rise, I'm not sure if it has quite made it to a trend yet. But we shall see. The truth is, this style isn't for everyone and it can also easily become costume-y (or just scary) - BUT if done right, it can be really cool. See below. More pieces here if you want to shop around.
This pic was taken from here - a great blog with more camo options!

If you want to try "blending in" (except you wont), check out these pieces that incorporate the print but are still stylish and flattering.
This studded camo jacket is from TopShop and retails for $130.
These skinny ankle pants are Current/Elliot, found at 
So what are your thoughts on this look? Is it chic? (maybe)  Is it redneck? (yes.) If you have seen any cool renditions of this look, please post the links! I am eager to see how others have interpreted this style. I also tried searching for celebrities in camo, assuming it was the next big thing after seeing it featured on the homepage I mentioned earlier, but really didn't find many images. Just the usually Rhiannas and obviously Mileys of the world rocking the print. 

While I like the looks created on Who What Wear, and I like that camo adds that edginess, especially paired with other textures & girlier styles, I think my hesitation towards the look just comes from what I associate it with. After living in the south, I can sum it up in one word: HUNTING (but that is just me). So the real question is, does camo have potential to go from redneck to chic?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Go West Young Man

So on my flight to Chicago this morning, at the wee hour of 6:00am, I made a fabulous discovery that enhanced my mood greatly (ok, only slightly. as it was 6am). I was reading the August edition of GLAMOUR mag and found a whole write up on Western Wear! Do you believe it? I do, bc it's great. Western wear seems to be popping up everywhere from better designers to fast fashion stores. Similar to one of the shirts they featured (or maybe this is it) was this Alexander McQueen Western Button Up which is awesome. My friend asked me if I would wear it... (Duhh). And it's kind of like a new but obviously vintage inspired take on the chambray shirt that we've seen so much. Here is a Jean/Western Mix from, but in my opinion, it's better to commit to the style. Give it a shot. Test it out in your neck of the woods.Try this on (below) for inspiration.
From Rag&Bone, find it here.
There are a lot of great renditions and takes on this Western inspired trend, like this tank and lace combo  (pictured below), at, baby. Best part? It's $38. And so great with some short shorts & ankle boots (see a few posts prior to this one). Another sleeveless shirt I love is this peachy colored one embellished at the collar, from also has this Ralph Lauren studded pocket shirt in denim, which is cool, too. But I wouldn't say that you couldn't try making that one yourself. Be sure to add some accessories to this western outfit to make it clear that you are purposely dressing in the style and you know exactly what you're doing ;) - rather than getting mistaken for a "Hey, Dude" cast member circa early 2000s. Oh, and if you're really on the fence, check out this new little secret I found. You can give the western look a little test drive, if you will, before committing to the pricier stuff.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Denim Dress-ings

This season has many basic-turned-chic items that are rising in popularity. One such lovely item making its appearance this Summer is the Denim shirt dress, which is basically a blank canvas for whatever look you want to create. You literally can match any accessories and shoes with it and come up with a completely different outfit. I love this little number for the fall, but also click here and check out some great other denim looks.

For Summer, there are a bunch of cut-off denim shirt dresses that are so flattering & quite charming - not something I normally go for, but whatevs. This one below by below, by Rag & Bone (buy it here) is my favorite, and is so chic, especially with little tan ankle boots. Another similar dress at a more reasonable price point is this shift dress by Free People, which is $128.80 on their site. 

Someone who always makes denim chic is the boho creator, Sienna Miller. In my eyes, she literally can do no wrong, and is an expert at putting pieces together in an unconventional way that visually works so well. Here she is pregnant, and has added some leggings & a blazer to the denim dress that she initially wore with only bangles. 

If you're down for denim, definitely hop on this trend and find the style that bets fits your personality, and your bod. There are fitted waist styles and shift dresses, collars, button downs & more. ASOS has a good selection right now & a few western styles like this one that are pretty irresistible. Either way, you will not go wrong, and can be sure that this is something you will hold onto for future seasons. Ah, the joys of denim. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

A trend this summer with an obvious Southern influence is the Tan ankle boot, or bootie. Last year it hit highs in popularity in the Fall and Winter, and was most commonly seen in wedge and biker boot form. This year the heel is defined, and there is a stronger western influence. While the shape of the bootie has gradually changed over the last year, another rising trend is wearing these boots in the hot summer months. I have to say that given the more streamline smaller shape (and popular lighter colors), it looks a little more functional and less ridiculous, like this version on Rosie Hungtingon-Whiteley.

Photo taken from here
Given that these boots show off just enough ankle, they really aren't much warmer than wearing a pair off oxfords, and a perk - they also show more leg! Pair them with your favorite short jean shorts and a textured top to get the look. Another benefit, most of the heels are relatively flat, so you'll be casual, comfortable and right on trend. Check out these Rag & Bone tan flat boots from Shopbop - they are a perfect mix of Western boot and ankle bootie. If you are interested in a more affordable version, take a look at the Sam Edelman ankle boots in a variety of colors, including the leopard bootie if you're feeling feisty. Either way, get them early, and enjoy your investment through Summer into the Fall.

If you're are looking to take the ankle boot into the night, there are plenty of fancier versions found here, but this blog will stick to what it knows :) While these ankle booties are a great enhancement to most casual emsembles this season, the full-sized cowboy boot (or "mother of the bootie") is still readily available. Try mixing a black boot with black jeans so it becomes more "chic" than "cowboy" (although these are straight cowboy boots that Nicole Richie is wearing below), or add a simple brown boot to your outfit (just emember to watch out when combining it with other western elements). Want more bootie? A google search for "tan bootie" will quickly remind you, as it did for me, that this term means a few different things to consumers out there ;)

Photo found here