Monday, July 2, 2012

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

A trend this summer with an obvious Southern influence is the Tan ankle boot, or bootie. Last year it hit highs in popularity in the Fall and Winter, and was most commonly seen in wedge and biker boot form. This year the heel is defined, and there is a stronger western influence. While the shape of the bootie has gradually changed over the last year, another rising trend is wearing these boots in the hot summer months. I have to say that given the more streamline smaller shape (and popular lighter colors), it looks a little more functional and less ridiculous, like this version on Rosie Hungtingon-Whiteley.

Photo taken from here
Given that these boots show off just enough ankle, they really aren't much warmer than wearing a pair off oxfords, and a perk - they also show more leg! Pair them with your favorite short jean shorts and a textured top to get the look. Another benefit, most of the heels are relatively flat, so you'll be casual, comfortable and right on trend. Check out these Rag & Bone tan flat boots from Shopbop - they are a perfect mix of Western boot and ankle bootie. If you are interested in a more affordable version, take a look at the Sam Edelman ankle boots in a variety of colors, including the leopard bootie if you're feeling feisty. Either way, get them early, and enjoy your investment through Summer into the Fall.

If you're are looking to take the ankle boot into the night, there are plenty of fancier versions found here, but this blog will stick to what it knows :) While these ankle booties are a great enhancement to most casual emsembles this season, the full-sized cowboy boot (or "mother of the bootie") is still readily available. Try mixing a black boot with black jeans so it becomes more "chic" than "cowboy" (although these are straight cowboy boots that Nicole Richie is wearing below), or add a simple brown boot to your outfit (just emember to watch out when combining it with other western elements). Want more bootie? A google search for "tan bootie" will quickly remind you, as it did for me, that this term means a few different things to consumers out there ;)

Photo found here


  1. Love the boots! Great blog, now following! :)

  2. Love you insight:)...I am actually wearing boot this summer time and love it:)

  3. I've never really thought of ankle boots for the summer...more fall...but I'm actually really liking the look! Maybe for a "cooler" day..the heat may be too much.