Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brand New Set of Wings

While watching the Bachelorette last night with my roommates (*I don't particularly care for this show mainly because her vocabulary is so limited I get bored, but I watched it because it was DVRed, plus Emily's Charlotte house is near my parents') and she was wearing a few cool things. One that stood out to me was this eagle necklace, only because I've been looking for one but have found there to be a fine line between cool and American-y, and just too rednecky for even my tastes.
Emily's gear (and photo) found at this blog
The one she is wearing above, sorry it's not a great picture of anything, is by Robyn Rhodes and there are some really cool things in her online store. The necklace (below) is the actual one Emily is wearing and it's a really pretty piece. You could tell by the last episode (my media source says this is what she wore episode 3 but who cares) they were trying to liven her look up a bit (Navajo sequin skirt, Motorcycle tank, Eagle necklace, oh my!), but I like this designer because it's affordable and hand painted. 
Find this necklace by Robyn Rhodes Here
Then, while I was searching other cool birdy inspired necklaces, I came across this delicate & sweet necklace that I will feature, now, below. I call it, the clawwww.

This is a multi function necklace, that doubles as a fork. You can also use it to hand your friends skittles, and other small trinkets like that. 


  1. I love your picks in necklaces! I have a gorgeous eagle necklace somewhere in my own collection.
    Georgia x

  2. It is indeed a very beautiful necklace!
    If you want, check out my blog: