Thursday, July 19, 2012

Shades of Grey, and Green

Today on Who.What.Wear they have an article about camo coming back into town! But they do a great job pairing it in the most tasteful way camouflage can be paired, with a collared denim shirt, a long blazer, over a flapper dress. Pretty cool in my opinion. We haven't seen much camo (that I can remember) since the late 90's grunge period, brought back in 2008 by the lovely Mary Kate, but hey!, it may or  may not be making its return.
Found this great look on Atlantic-Pacific. 
While rising search queries prove that this fad is on the rise, I'm not sure if it has quite made it to a trend yet. But we shall see. The truth is, this style isn't for everyone and it can also easily become costume-y (or just scary) - BUT if done right, it can be really cool. See below. More pieces here if you want to shop around.
This pic was taken from here - a great blog with more camo options!

If you want to try "blending in" (except you wont), check out these pieces that incorporate the print but are still stylish and flattering.
This studded camo jacket is from TopShop and retails for $130.
These skinny ankle pants are Current/Elliot, found at 
So what are your thoughts on this look? Is it chic? (maybe)  Is it redneck? (yes.) If you have seen any cool renditions of this look, please post the links! I am eager to see how others have interpreted this style. I also tried searching for celebrities in camo, assuming it was the next big thing after seeing it featured on the homepage I mentioned earlier, but really didn't find many images. Just the usually Rhiannas and obviously Mileys of the world rocking the print. 

While I like the looks created on Who What Wear, and I like that camo adds that edginess, especially paired with other textures & girlier styles, I think my hesitation towards the look just comes from what I associate it with. After living in the south, I can sum it up in one word: HUNTING (but that is just me). So the real question is, does camo have potential to go from redneck to chic?

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