Thursday, May 30, 2013

No More, Thank you.

Yesterday I didn't feel amazing, so after my 2 pieces of pizza lunch and bacon egg and cheese breakfast, I thought I could get control of myself for dinner so I went to Liquiteria which is a fabulous juice and smoothie shop, with other super healthy snacks.
You really should stop in here if you're in the East Village - it's awesome.
I got the "Mean Green" which is a refreshing green smoothie that also has pineapple and some mango to tone down the greenery taste. You can taste a hint of spinach but I love it. So I got that as an appetizer and then also grabbed the first 4 juices I could see, because the store got me all motivated and healthy feeling. I really don't know much about juicing or detoxing, for that matter, so I figured that if I got a random mix of "drinks" that it would suffice.

Yesterday I kicked my little detox off with the smoothie, but then was starving so I opened up the red drink - something with Beets. There are other flavors in this one, most specifically ginger, and I can totally see how this curbs your hunger because it's freaking disgusting. I tasted it and then opted for the watermelon juice I got. (Disclaimer: I am only saying that MY taste buds are not cultured and developed enough to appreciate liquid beets.  I'm not saying the drink totally sucks, and I can totally see how a lot of people would love just chugging this thick, red, spicy concoction on a day when they have had nothing to eat for the last five days.)
Mr. Green. It's red, and it's potent.
Today I was left with the green drink, the beets (1 sip removed) and this Organic Pili Milk. Now after digging into cleanses this morning via the internet, I quickly realized that the juices need to basically be vegetables, and specifically of the green sort - so my watermelon drink and my faux chocolate shake aren't really having the potent detox effects I was going for. Either is my beet drink, that "accidentally" fell into my trash half way through. After that I may have gotten a bacon egg and cheese. I said MAY.
This is the nutty one. Kind of chocolaty tasting and definitely filling. But also not on the juice cleanse plan. Woops. 
So the Organic Pili Milk is my favorite thus far, even though I don't think it counts, because it definitely is filling (I'm chew drinking it) and I like the coco-esque flavor. I am very curious as to how many calories it has - and I am almost positive that I definitely am not starving myself with this one. I'm going to attempt drinking the green drink I have at home for dinner (yay) but then I'm going to drinks so that also negates probably any of my efforts.

Next "cleanse" I will be more prepared, knowledgable and mentally ready - especially when I am about to spend $45 on like 5 juices. If you are reading this and know anything about cleansing/detoxing/juicing, please share. I would love to hear some advice. I do realize that it is supposed to be like a meal supplement and not just a drink with your meal (kinda) so any additional info would be welcomed. :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May I Have Some.. More??

There is just like SO MUCH that I want I can't even explain it. I read this article in some magazine yesterday  while having my nails done that said that you should spend 4% of your salary on clothing. WHAT a moron who wrote that. That doesn't even make sense. I couldn't even spend 4% on like.. (trying to think of the most random thing that I have no need for at all).. well good. I don't buy a bunch of random shit. Spending 4% of your income on like costume party attire sounds more appropriate. Or items with fur. Or leather shorts.

There is just so much I want need, and I am in this constant battle with myself of - well, if I can't wear it to work should I really buy it? Do I have something like it in my closet already? Is it worth the money right now? Should I just go work out instead of shopping and everything that I already have will look awesome? No. No. No. I just went on a big buying spree to finally look like a sorta professional at work so I am set with working attire. Now I need items to play in. By this I mean shirts to jump around the East Village and Brooklyn in - drinking/playing shirts. I have professional shirts, and playing shirts. For playtime I either like to show back/under side boob, or leg. Sometimes 2 of the 3 ;)

My new favorite styles that I can't get enough of are the exaggerated open armhole big sleeve tank tops (not a good search term, especially considering I am in search engine marketing) - ya know the tanks that drape much lower than your normal tank top so it shows some side boop when you hold your arms out - LOVE side boob btw. So they are referred to as "drop armhole tanks." SO sexy, especially with cuttoff shorts. I really want some super shirt cutoff jean shorts but I just think they are more meant for the west coast. or the beach somewhere. You can just get away with showing more skin there. Even though any style is basically acceptable in NYC, I just feel too "open" like when I am on the subway heading from East Village to Brooklyn and I don't want to show any ass during this ride. I'm not trying to invite more attention than necessary. Because most of the time this attention isn't (revisit pep talk that a mom would give to an insecure middle school girl) "good attention." And I'm down with good attention.

Find this here - they only have Medium and Larges tho, otherwise it would be mine :) It's also around $45 I think.

I got this from and I LOVE it but I think it might be sold out? Go ahead and check. They have a lot of good drop armhole shirts, they are just tough to find. This is my biggest problem with asos - they use different words than we do in American language (joke) - but seriously. They don't use "racerback" and some other common search term phrases. 
Another little looksy that I still love are jumpers/rompers - whatever the difference may be. I just think they are so sexy IF they fit. They should either show a lot of leg, or a little back, or some part of the body - but not all. A couple I love are below. I just can't justify spending $300+ on a piece of clothing called a "romper" - plus I already have done this but it was on a tuxedo styled fancier romper (ironic, yes) and I haven't worn it enough to warrant the cost. I need to pull it out and wear it again.

This one is also on Revolve - super cute and pretty classic style. I like how it hugs the butt. 
And this (below) is my DREAM ROMPER. I need it. If I were to be a CMO and about to lead my ideal company meeting, I would do it in this (if there were no HR dept.). I would also wear sunglasses during the entire thing. And potentially go barefoot. After I kicked off the below shoes. I literally would feel like a million bucks romping in this. This is the reason why the garment is called a romper - because it makes you want to ROMP.

Find it here at Revolve. It's $396
Beach hair for the meeting.

These are the shoes I'd wear to the really professional meeting. Don't they look comfy? They are from by Boutique 9  - $180. So cute. 
I bought these Celine sunglasses at Bergdorfs last week and I am obsessed with them.  Pulled this pic from this site. They are so great - $340. A big size so you need a decent sized face to pull them off.
This outfit would make for the most ridiculous meeting ever. I'd lead a brainstorming session over glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and alternate between euro cafe sounding remixes and Taylor Swift. Then I'd probably just call the meeting off and go outside.

Nicole romps too. Who wants to get a spray taan!?!?!? MEEEE.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Me, Today.

(this was found on - great pics on this blog.
maybe don't look while you're at work.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Got

Song of the day. Listen, there ya go..

I haven't posted in a while so I thought that now would be an appropriate time, since I am now 27 years old (since 2 days ago) and I have gifts and events to write about. Turning a year older also made me remember my New Years' resolutions, since I always think you can re-start anything during 2 points in the year: New Years, and after your b-day. And I really like this idea - of new starts. So 2 of my new years resolutions were to work out (obvi) and focus on a hobby: blogging, photography, whatevs, so that explains this part. I just like the idea of constant progression, and knowing that one year to the next brings change - ideally good change. I never want to look at an entire year long span of time and see that everything has remained the same, whether that be job, finances, living situations, goals, hobbies. Of course not everything can progress so rapidly, but I think focusing on baby positive changes end up quickly adding up to great new things. This reminds me of one of my favorite Warren Buffet quotoes:

"I don't look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over."

I like it because it kind of makes you feel relieved that you can accomplish big things with small steps. My mom always reminds me of that. 

As for turning 27, I had a really good day - went to Williamsburg with a bunch of friends for brunch at a great place called Station  - where they had all you can drink Mimosas and Bloody Maries (these added up very quickly) and then we all left quite silly and bar hopped around to a few other places. 

Station restaurant - in Williamsburg off the Bedford stop (L Train)

Things really got super silly on the walk - and literally at one point every person in the group said they would either get a tattoo or piercing, but thank god we probably just got distracted and kept walking onwards to the next bar. We had such a fun day of bouncing around, and even though I had a band that was going to play on the roof of an apartment for us which I was super excited about, but I had to cancel it because of the really shitty weather and non stop mist rain, this didn't stop our fun. It may have fucked up our hair, but it definitely didn't fuck out our fun.
Two of my best buds Megan (left) and Shelly (right). I've realized I tend to choose blonde friends.
Luckily Monday I had off work so I could enjoy the sun and the new patio furniture that I recently purchased to create my ultimate East Village oasis. So I chilled outside all day and got a bit of a tan and ate coconut ice pops and contemplated traveling and sunning myself (only) for the rest of my young years. 

The new patio furniture. Look at how much space I have!!! And best part - no one from other apartments really has a view of me laying out since it's pretty private. Also, I got some sweet solar LED lights that look like twinkling stars that light up on the rail once it gets dark. Super cozy.
I also decided to renovate my room since now I'm definitely an adult. Jk. I just wanted something else to look at and I find myself constantly re-doing things (and reorganizing my stuff at least once a week). I wanted my room to have more of a bright hotel kinda feel, but I also like the rustic elements so I wanted to keep those to warm it up. 

New rug with a little Moroccan look.  No one is allowed to walk on the white parts :)
And while I was on this birthday spending bonanza I also picked up this vintage black and white photo from Etsy of this naked guy sitting in a barrel bathing himself, which is awesome. It's actually vertical, this photo seems to have squished it, and it's super cool. I have it right when you walk in the room. 
So that seems to recap a lot of what I have been doing lately: finished my semester of school, working, sprucing up my room, having a birthday, buying myself some items, looking at Manhattan from Brooklyn, sunning myself - and that's about it. Now to figure out what is next...