Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What I Got

Song of the day. Listen, there ya go..

I haven't posted in a while so I thought that now would be an appropriate time, since I am now 27 years old (since 2 days ago) and I have gifts and events to write about. Turning a year older also made me remember my New Years' resolutions, since I always think you can re-start anything during 2 points in the year: New Years, and after your b-day. And I really like this idea - of new starts. So 2 of my new years resolutions were to work out (obvi) and focus on a hobby: blogging, photography, whatevs, so that explains this part. I just like the idea of constant progression, and knowing that one year to the next brings change - ideally good change. I never want to look at an entire year long span of time and see that everything has remained the same, whether that be job, finances, living situations, goals, hobbies. Of course not everything can progress so rapidly, but I think focusing on baby positive changes end up quickly adding up to great new things. This reminds me of one of my favorite Warren Buffet quotoes:

"I don't look to jump over 7-foot bars: I look around for 1-foot bars that I can step over."

I like it because it kind of makes you feel relieved that you can accomplish big things with small steps. My mom always reminds me of that. 

As for turning 27, I had a really good day - went to Williamsburg with a bunch of friends for brunch at a great place called Station  - where they had all you can drink Mimosas and Bloody Maries (these added up very quickly) and then we all left quite silly and bar hopped around to a few other places. 

Station restaurant - in Williamsburg off the Bedford stop (L Train)

Things really got super silly on the walk - and literally at one point every person in the group said they would either get a tattoo or piercing, but thank god we probably just got distracted and kept walking onwards to the next bar. We had such a fun day of bouncing around, and even though I had a band that was going to play on the roof of an apartment for us which I was super excited about, but I had to cancel it because of the really shitty weather and non stop mist rain, this didn't stop our fun. It may have fucked up our hair, but it definitely didn't fuck out our fun.
Two of my best buds Megan (left) and Shelly (right). I've realized I tend to choose blonde friends.
Luckily Monday I had off work so I could enjoy the sun and the new patio furniture that I recently purchased to create my ultimate East Village oasis. So I chilled outside all day and got a bit of a tan and ate coconut ice pops and contemplated traveling and sunning myself (only) for the rest of my young years. 

The new patio furniture. Look at how much space I have!!! And best part - no one from other apartments really has a view of me laying out since it's pretty private. Also, I got some sweet solar LED lights that look like twinkling stars that light up on the rail once it gets dark. Super cozy.
I also decided to renovate my room since now I'm definitely an adult. Jk. I just wanted something else to look at and I find myself constantly re-doing things (and reorganizing my stuff at least once a week). I wanted my room to have more of a bright hotel kinda feel, but I also like the rustic elements so I wanted to keep those to warm it up. 

New rug with a little Moroccan look.  No one is allowed to walk on the white parts :)
And while I was on this birthday spending bonanza I also picked up this vintage black and white photo from Etsy of this naked guy sitting in a barrel bathing himself, which is awesome. It's actually vertical, this photo seems to have squished it, and it's super cool. I have it right when you walk in the room. 
So that seems to recap a lot of what I have been doing lately: finished my semester of school, working, sprucing up my room, having a birthday, buying myself some items, looking at Manhattan from Brooklyn, sunning myself - and that's about it. Now to figure out what is next...


  1. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
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  2. Thank you so much - that comment made my day! So excited to find your blog and read more - love love the style.

    xo Blaire