Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leave of Absence

But I'm Back!! One quick pic to kick the day off below. Look how beautiful the Brooklyn Bridge is at dusk!! New York has the best sunsets sometimes.
From Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights, for dinner with friends.
And this was the adorable row of townhomes we went to on Columbia Place, like an old Southern town! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stylish Dressers

Rugged chic in the bedroom? You bet. Quick post, but awesome products below. Check West Elm for more.

Find it here. I LOVE this bed.
Here is the matching dresser. I've find similar woodsey items on Etsy like this, although I'm not quite sure how Etsy handles shipping... dressers. This is definitely going to be in my new room. If I get the new apartment I'm hoping on.;)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Boots, Bad Boots

There are so many cool cowboy-esque boots out there. So many choices, some with studs, some with color, heels, high rise and what not. So many have really cool accents that make them edgy, or rugged, and some... take me back to a costume from the Dixie Stampede. For those of you who don't know what this is (a. you should be proud of yourself) it is a "dinner / show" that I saw in Orlando, or was it Gatlinburg kinda the same thing, just one has mountains where actors dress in cowboy & cowgirl attire & gallop (literally) around a dirt filled stage while you eat oregon trail style mass produced baked potatoes & other 'meats' with your fingers. But back to the point.

The thing with cowboy boots is that some can be so cool, and some can be so... Dixie. See the powder blue example below.
Taken from here 
Again, to each his own, but I am just not sure where you'd where these puppies? They are just a bit to blue for my tastes. Imagine these added to a pair of denim jeans. Now how do you feel? They are also featured  here on the country outfitter blog, which does a nice job comparing the trend with the Isabel Marant Fall 2012 looks (below) that showcase some cremey colored boots. But anyways, these boots ≠ my fave.
But I do love THIS version. If you want more, visit the site. 

I think this leads us to why the ankle boots are so popular this season. Because they have a short cut, and even with a western influence, will not morph your look into that of a rancher/farmhand. Please note that the Isabel Marant looks are extreme western, in a fashionable way, but keep in mind... this is runway, and the looks are modeled...on MODELS.
Get em while they're hot. Somewhere on this page.  PS. I love the studs.
What's great about these runway looks (more below) that can be translated into everyday life - is that the designer uses a Western style to influence the line, but also employs leather, lace & studs to give it character and make it new! This is a good tactic that can be used when working with western pieces that are oh so popular today. Wearing boots? Add a stud belt. A little contrast is always good.
Check out these awesome ensembles here
So what is your take on this wave of western? Do you think it will last? Would love to hear some feedback on this style. And most importantly, should the Blue Boots get THE BOOT?!!