Thursday, January 31, 2013

All This & Heaven, Too

Song of the day, no wait, song of the week. Great song by Florence and the Machines. Perfect NYC walking music (where the background music kind of gives more life to daily things that you see as you look around on your walk, and actually makes those things charming.)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I am. Literally listening nonstop. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Lengths

I just read this article from The Man Repeller and was very excited/comforted to read someone else's view point on short hair/needing a new hairstyle. I recently chopped my locks as well (although I had someone else do it) but there is something very invigorating about not feeling like you have to a) stay with the same look you've always had or b) stay with a look that your culture tends to deem the most attractive.

I know long hair is beautiful, and I've always enjoyed having long blonde hair, but I have to say I find my new shortened hair drying time and my cute little nub of a ponytail exciting, and have yet to get bored of these 2 things. I basically just like the fact that I thought I might want a change, and I went for it. That in itself is satisfying, regardless of the outcome. And hey, it's only hair.

Here are some really great short hair styles that I brought in for my hairdresser to replicate, and although he must have been looking the other way while I held these pics up (he missed the key important part of the outside layer being longest, DUH!!), I am going to bring these pics in again to a new person to try and achieve this awesome tossled, piecey kind of bobby look. Do you like it?
Love this, but am smart enough to realize we have different face shapes and this wouldn't look the same on me!
Beautiful, but different hair texture from mine.
A good haircut can change styles! 

Julianne Hough - this is my fave. Love the long layers. I actually think she looks prettier this way.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Solid Gold

A quick post on beauty stuff (good stuff, that is) since it's still really cold here.. flurried this morning.. and I am all for any quick fixes/ways to spice up your look in the Winter time. Generally I think of the most effective Winter fixes are as follows:

a) Whiter teeth - to match the snow (clean snow)
b) Darker Skin - to contrast the snow
c) Lighter - or darker hair, just nothing medium and mousy - who wants to blend in even more when we are alread all wearing black puffy jackets?
d) Hydrated skin - recently bought a plethora of (my first batch of) anti-aging skin care since the cold dirty air here seems to suck the life/youth out of your skin
e) Good lipsticks/glosses that also add a youthful carefree-ness to this overall cold dull season.
Australian Gold Sunless Tanner - buy at
 So my favorite product so far is Australian Gold sunless tanner. For me there is not a shot in hell that I would ever step foot in a tanning bed (although I am bad when I am in the sun, in say, a nice hotel in Florida and want to come back bronzed), so I am always eager to find a product that most effectively replicates that beautiful sun kissed look we get from those cancerous rays. I evaluate sunless tanners based on 3 main categories: 1) color it gets 2) smell 3) how potent the stuff is/how fast it works.

This sunless tanner is the first one I've tried that I actually think smells good! It has a strangely good smell, which is a major plus. Also, it seems to create a nice, less orangy color for me and works quickly. I would definitely recommend this. You can order it online from Ulta for only $7.99. I actually bought 2 in my last order. Check it out, and only share with the people you really like ;)

Friday, January 11, 2013


So it's been a while! A new year, new job, new lots of things have come and gone since I've even written last. Lots of changes, some good, some really good. When one door closes, another 5 open. At least I like to think.

With the new year comes, especially for me, time when I like to revisit what I'm doing, what makes me tick (cliche, i KNOW), but ya know - hobbies that you used to like and maybe some you aren't practicing now. Things that make you happy and you aren't taking the time to enjoy because you are busy day to day. Maybe you're spending your time on someonething unimportant that is preventing you from doing what makes you happiest? This is the year, in my opinion, to focus on what makes you happy. It's my 2013 mantra.

Since this is my first time writing in a while, I'm going to take it easy on myself and ease back into this - kinda like what I've done at the gym this week :) - Below are some beautiful black and white images. Here's a tune to look at them with.

Check out Greg Kadel
For amazing images (these 3 are his)
That you'll just want to just keep looking at.