Monday, January 28, 2013

Solid Gold

A quick post on beauty stuff (good stuff, that is) since it's still really cold here.. flurried this morning.. and I am all for any quick fixes/ways to spice up your look in the Winter time. Generally I think of the most effective Winter fixes are as follows:

a) Whiter teeth - to match the snow (clean snow)
b) Darker Skin - to contrast the snow
c) Lighter - or darker hair, just nothing medium and mousy - who wants to blend in even more when we are alread all wearing black puffy jackets?
d) Hydrated skin - recently bought a plethora of (my first batch of) anti-aging skin care since the cold dirty air here seems to suck the life/youth out of your skin
e) Good lipsticks/glosses that also add a youthful carefree-ness to this overall cold dull season.
Australian Gold Sunless Tanner - buy at
 So my favorite product so far is Australian Gold sunless tanner. For me there is not a shot in hell that I would ever step foot in a tanning bed (although I am bad when I am in the sun, in say, a nice hotel in Florida and want to come back bronzed), so I am always eager to find a product that most effectively replicates that beautiful sun kissed look we get from those cancerous rays. I evaluate sunless tanners based on 3 main categories: 1) color it gets 2) smell 3) how potent the stuff is/how fast it works.

This sunless tanner is the first one I've tried that I actually think smells good! It has a strangely good smell, which is a major plus. Also, it seems to create a nice, less orangy color for me and works quickly. I would definitely recommend this. You can order it online from Ulta for only $7.99. I actually bought 2 in my last order. Check it out, and only share with the people you really like ;)

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