Friday, June 29, 2012

A Right to Bare Arms

Hanging on to a denim jacket or vest but hesitant to wear it in fear of getting mistaken for Clarissa Explains It All? Well you pull that sucker out of hiding and fear no more, because denim jackets have made their return! However, the sleeves seem to have dropped off in the process. (Proof here - The query "jean jacket vest" is actually a "breakout" keyword in the search engines.)

I'm actually really excited about denim jackets being acceptable, because they are the easiest pieces to throw on with anything (unless you HAPPEN to be wearing jean pants - in which I would then ask myself two questions before moving forward with the head to toe denim look 1.) Am I a model? If so, then who cares - Wear it. 2.) Am I looking to attract the opposite sex? If no,  then who cares - Wear it!). 

I've seen celebrities denim-ing out everywhere (a whole story about it here), everyone from Kiera to Rhianna  to Chloe. But the queen of the denim brigade is easy. Just Google "Jessica Alba Jean Jacket" - Wait, don't. Just click here, Click on Images, and you will see that the results areee... mind blowing. This girl easily might be holding down the trend on her own. I like this look, where she adds a little scarf, but my favorite jean vest ensemble is the middle picture (below) of Kate Bosworth. This look wins for me, because the shoes are awesome, first off, and the texture of the skirt and studded handbag adds a little edginess to offset the country inspired vest. Creating the, "I may seem approachable because I'm wearing a jean jacket, but I have rocker in me, so beware" look. 
Images comes from here

If you want to jump on the denim train, check out some options, and then make the crucial decision: vest, or vest with sleeves jacket. I think the key to this look is that you need to be careful not to turn your outfit into a costume. For example, if you add another country inspired item to a denim jacket outfit, you will immediately morph into a cowgirl. Add flower print or a headband to a jean jacket and you will look straight out of early 90's television. Add stilettos and leggings and you turn into...a Kardashian.

Another reason I love this trend is because it obviously is "of the cowboy" and definitely stems from some country roots. In attempting to supply a visual, I'll admit that I did first google image 'Davy Crockett', and much to my dismay, he didn't wear denim at all. But you know who did? This cowboy, and this cowboy, and this cowboy. You're welcome for the last one ;). Oh & BTW, make sure to click all the links in my post, especially if you're a "visual person" (is there anyone who isn't a visual person?), because they are part of the story!

Of course this trend is also a stable staple among the country music community, but remember when it crossed over into pop culture with this dynamic duo? Denim does a great job of providing this open canvas to be slightly altered by designers every couple seasons, and the jacket really is a functional item. Anywhere from the city... to the country. Here is a lookalike jean vest to Kate's, and here is a long sleever, if you're feeling conservative. So what do you say - are you on board with the look? I'll leave you with these 6 final words in terms of jean jackets & potential adornments: Studs are OK. Rhinestones are not :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Muscles & Men

Lately I've been obsessed with the look and idea of muscle tees, so on Sunday I took control of both items - I ordered the shirt, and then went to a Pilates class. These muscle tees are popping up everywhere from to Shop The Trend Boutique to Urban Outfitters, where there are a plethora of these on sale (if you're interested). Celebrities from Jessica Alba to Kristen Stewart are jumping on this Spring/Summer 2012 vintage t shirt trend, and Kate Bosworth has taken it home.

The muscle tee is an interesting specimen, because it combines those elements that I love - a little sex appeal (if the sleeves come low enough to show some side boob) with a more masculine cut, evident in the square shape around the shoulders. I am looking forward to wearing the black tee I ordered with a long gold necklace (or something that signifies I am a girl) and some cut off jean shorts for the summer. And then, skinny jeans and boots once it gets chilly. For now, leather strappy flat sandles will suffice, and balance off the rugged look with a bit of detail. Below, Kate Bosworth adds aviators and some bracelets to create that "Rugged-But-I-Planned-It" look - the dress code of Coachella.
Copy this look for only $29.
What I love about the style is that it stems from such humble beginnings, and it really hasn't been altered much! Below, we have a strapping young man, straight from the backwoods. See below, or GTFO. JK. 
Information on where to purchase this item is unavailablle. 
This good ole boy has chosen the muscle T in red. He, like Kate, sports American Pride, and ALSO flashes some side boob. His shirt is also an "original" because it looks as though it started as a full t shirt, but he either cut the sleeves off, or his muscles ripped them off. These cut-off Tees created the muscle t, and now they are mass produced as tanks. If you step over into the land of country music, there is a whole other line of muscle T's, but these come a bit fancier, with collars and gemstones. Leading the pack of bare-armed country music singers is, hands down, no questions asked, the King of "no shoes, no shirt, no problems" himself, Sir Kenny Chesney.

In order to confirm my assumption that the muscle T is actually a growing trend, not a fad (fads being about products, while trends are about WHAT DRIVES someone to buy a product), I've used the Google Insights Tool to conduct some research. And it is confirmed, muscle t's are on the rise! So whether you are more inclined to buy the high end muscle t, or you want to test it out at a lower price point, ORRR... you're more of a Do-It-Yur-Selfer (either way, watch this video. It's a real gem) -  wear the Muscle T with pride, and don't forget where you/it came from! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Belt It Out

From the second I morphed from a baby into a real person I had this love of country music & southern style in general. I actually grew up in South Florida (around Miami) so this was a pretty strange interest for a young one to have, especially in my neck of the woods. So from when I was little my parents would satiate my interests by taking me to Tweetsie Railroad, this weird little country theme park in the Appalachian Mountains. We'd go every year and I'd get a personalized Indian-esque beaded belt like this one, with my name printed onto the leather. I saw something like it in American Apparel the other day and it made me laugh a little, and I thought, I should try out one of these again. Although in NYC I operate on a strict "no monogram on anything" policy, because things get creepy as it is. One day I accidentally walked out of my marketing class with my name tag on and it was NOT GOOD. Suddenly I had so many homeless friends, it was crazy.
Get Ya Moose Belt!! 
(My name isn't Ed, btw)
Anyways, finding those items from your past that meant so much to you way back when is cool, because it helps you remember what really used to interest you. The interests you had back before anyone suggested to you what you should like. I kind of like the idea of knowing that something I had is something I still would like, or an activity I used to do for fun is still (in maybe a slightly different version) incorporated into my life somehow. That things do come full circle.

Vintage belts like this sold here. This kind of looked like one of mine.
Do you have items that you hold close to your heart? Have you busted them out lately? Should I order another one of these belts?!!! ;)

The Appalachian Mountains - so beautiful. Have you been?

Friday, June 22, 2012

In The Red

Sometimes when you look at clothes it's easy to forget that lots of things can be used and worn in different ways. Layered over, layered under, etc. Plus, it grows your wardrobe without even buying new items!

Courtesy of - the images get a little risque, I warn you.
Wanna make this look your own? American Apparel has great layereingpieces - like leotards that you can wear as tanks or go out in or just wear on their own (think Edie Sedgwick).Although there is a time, and place for everything ;)

Then add some jeans and there you go! Get this swimsuit/leo here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Suddenly Summer

So today in Manhattan, temperatures are hitting 97 degrees, which according to my calculations, makes it 36.1 degrees for all you Celcius people. I just did a little (°F  -  32)  x  5/9 = °C. Jk :) Anyways, it's a beautiful day, just really hot. And hot in NYC also means hot steam from cars and steam from street holes and smells in the heat and... you get it. 
Central Park in the Summer

But this time last year, my friend and I used to take our lunch breaks and go to Madison Square Park to atleast get a tan out of the whole deal. Little did everyone know we wore bathing suits under work clothes just so we could maximize our tanning time before we had to head back :)
   That's me ^ !!
(Bottom right)
Short Short & Open Top - Perfect summer attire
And the necessary pair of shades..

Photo taken from this awesome blog

Beach Hair is perfect
Photo from
And when the day is just too hot to handle, just don't wear pants!! Have a good day :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mirror, Mirror On My Wall

In September I'm moving... which means I need all new stuff for my room. Part of that is because when I moved to this room, I bought furniture stuff that is incapable of being taken apart & then put back together again. The other reason is that I want my room to look awesome, and new (well, actually old ;). Here are three four things that will make the coziest room ever. Oh, and a song to listen to, in my new September.

Lake Tahoe Dresser made from reclaimed wood - get it here. This thing is like a piece of art.  Even the top is amazing.

This handpainted green mirror has gems and little details all over. From afar it has that old copper look, but up close it's a different story. I think it would be a good contrast against the wood surface of the dresser.

The dresser wouldn't be complete without this retro Edison bulb lamp sitting on top. So cool. And only $79!!

One other item I found, that would add some crazy lighting (kind of like a disco ball without the headache) is this desk lamp. What do you think? Maybe to add some backlighting somewhere?
Steamlight Desk Lamp

Monday, June 18, 2012

Drop Down & Get Your Eagle On

A quick post, as its a busy Monday and the day is speeding by... But if you're feeling patriotic, or you are looking for that perfect outfit for the next state fair, this one's for you ;)

Found on Etsy. I doubt they've sold out yet ;)

From topshop. A little Rorschach action. Think they meant to mimic this? Nahhh, probably not.
Eagle necklace - Etsy
And while I may kid, I have been known to hit up a state fair or two. The last time I was there, riding some backwards spinning ride, this was playing. Those were the days...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What A Stud

Lately everything we look at fashion-wise seems to be studded, and I love it. If you needed a reason to add a little biker chic flair to your wardrobe, you now completely have it. I keep finding myself falling for the minor stud details, for example, this collared button down tank I saw in Zara which had some studs only on the collar, but while contemplating buying it,  a great idea hit me - why don't I try this on my own? !!

Biker Chic - how can you not feel a little tougher than usual wearing this?
This is just great, and love the contrast with the sailor striped tee.
So in the midst of my hungover stupor, I had a flashback to the Bedazzler commercial circa, I don't know, 2000 something. So I googled it, and... purchased. Complete with 150 studs and an extra "mini studder," whatever that is. All I know is I can't wait to stud everything. in. sight.

These should be easy shorts to mimic, or so I think :) Want to just find some as is? Check out some crafty creations here on Etsy.

I'm most excited to take the look into fall, and in true Redneck Chic style, stud some flannel.
This shirt is at Zara now and sells for $79.90. I want to find my own better quality flannel shirt and try adding some studs to the collar, or maybe some small details around the sleeves.
I'll be sure to post pics of my creations, once I make them. Want to take on the project with me? Buy yours here. (I warn you, checking out on this website is a bitch - you'll see.)

Gotta love a good project :)

Oh yea, and I just bought these. You likey??
Want them, too? I found them on Zappos. They are by Vince Camuto.