Sunday, June 17, 2012

What A Stud

Lately everything we look at fashion-wise seems to be studded, and I love it. If you needed a reason to add a little biker chic flair to your wardrobe, you now completely have it. I keep finding myself falling for the minor stud details, for example, this collared button down tank I saw in Zara which had some studs only on the collar, but while contemplating buying it,  a great idea hit me - why don't I try this on my own? !!

Biker Chic - how can you not feel a little tougher than usual wearing this?
This is just great, and love the contrast with the sailor striped tee.
So in the midst of my hungover stupor, I had a flashback to the Bedazzler commercial circa, I don't know, 2000 something. So I googled it, and... purchased. Complete with 150 studs and an extra "mini studder," whatever that is. All I know is I can't wait to stud everything. in. sight.

These should be easy shorts to mimic, or so I think :) Want to just find some as is? Check out some crafty creations here on Etsy.

I'm most excited to take the look into fall, and in true Redneck Chic style, stud some flannel.
This shirt is at Zara now and sells for $79.90. I want to find my own better quality flannel shirt and try adding some studs to the collar, or maybe some small details around the sleeves.
I'll be sure to post pics of my creations, once I make them. Want to take on the project with me? Buy yours here. (I warn you, checking out on this website is a bitch - you'll see.)

Gotta love a good project :)

Oh yea, and I just bought these. You likey??
Want them, too? I found them on Zappos. They are by Vince Camuto.


  1. lovely! I really like it!

  2. Amazing post!!!!


  3. love your new studded shoes :D cool!

  4. Thank you both! :)


  5. Awesome pictures! I really love everything with studs! The jacket on the first picture and the shoes on the last picture are my favourits!! Very inspiring!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  6. great post, I like studs too..that coat in the 2nd pic is so nice!

  7. Oh! What a great blog- I like how you follow all the latest trends! :) I can come here now instead of finding them out elsewhere!

    I am now your newest follower on GFC! I actually found you through IFB. I hope you can come visit my blog and let me know what you think! Hope you can follow me back now too ^_^

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  8. I've seen quite a few pairs of jean shorts with studs..and I must say, they're pretty awesome!