Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Muscles & Men

Lately I've been obsessed with the look and idea of muscle tees, so on Sunday I took control of both items - I ordered the shirt, and then went to a Pilates class. These muscle tees are popping up everywhere from Shopbop.com to Shop The Trend Boutique to Urban Outfitters, where there are a plethora of these on sale (if you're interested). Celebrities from Jessica Alba to Kristen Stewart are jumping on this Spring/Summer 2012 vintage t shirt trend, and Kate Bosworth has taken it home.

The muscle tee is an interesting specimen, because it combines those elements that I love - a little sex appeal (if the sleeves come low enough to show some side boob) with a more masculine cut, evident in the square shape around the shoulders. I am looking forward to wearing the black tee I ordered with a long gold necklace (or something that signifies I am a girl) and some cut off jean shorts for the summer. And then, skinny jeans and boots once it gets chilly. For now, leather strappy flat sandles will suffice, and balance off the rugged look with a bit of detail. Below, Kate Bosworth adds aviators and some bracelets to create that "Rugged-But-I-Planned-It" look - the dress code of Coachella.
Copy this look for only $29.
What I love about the style is that it stems from such humble beginnings, and it really hasn't been altered much! Below, we have a strapping young man, straight from the backwoods. See below, or GTFO. JK. 
Information on where to purchase this item is unavailablle. 
This good ole boy has chosen the muscle T in red. He, like Kate, sports American Pride, and ALSO flashes some side boob. His shirt is also an "original" because it looks as though it started as a full t shirt, but he either cut the sleeves off, or his muscles ripped them off. These cut-off Tees created the muscle t, and now they are mass produced as tanks. If you step over into the land of country music, there is a whole other line of muscle T's, but these come a bit fancier, with collars and gemstones. Leading the pack of bare-armed country music singers is, hands down, no questions asked, the King of "no shoes, no shirt, no problems" himself, Sir Kenny Chesney.

In order to confirm my assumption that the muscle T is actually a growing trend, not a fad (fads being about products, while trends are about WHAT DRIVES someone to buy a product), I've used the Google Insights Tool to conduct some research. And it is confirmed, muscle t's are on the rise! So whether you are more inclined to buy the high end muscle t, or you want to test it out at a lower price point, ORRR... you're more of a Do-It-Yur-Selfer (either way, watch this video. It's a real gem) -  wear the Muscle T with pride, and don't forget where you/it came from! 


  1. hahah ok i love your fourth of july style! his and hers matching set? ;) hahah! thanks for the laughs!

  2. haha Thanks for reading! ;)