Saturday, June 23, 2012

Belt It Out

From the second I morphed from a baby into a real person I had this love of country music & southern style in general. I actually grew up in South Florida (around Miami) so this was a pretty strange interest for a young one to have, especially in my neck of the woods. So from when I was little my parents would satiate my interests by taking me to Tweetsie Railroad, this weird little country theme park in the Appalachian Mountains. We'd go every year and I'd get a personalized Indian-esque beaded belt like this one, with my name printed onto the leather. I saw something like it in American Apparel the other day and it made me laugh a little, and I thought, I should try out one of these again. Although in NYC I operate on a strict "no monogram on anything" policy, because things get creepy as it is. One day I accidentally walked out of my marketing class with my name tag on and it was NOT GOOD. Suddenly I had so many homeless friends, it was crazy.
Get Ya Moose Belt!! 
(My name isn't Ed, btw)
Anyways, finding those items from your past that meant so much to you way back when is cool, because it helps you remember what really used to interest you. The interests you had back before anyone suggested to you what you should like. I kind of like the idea of knowing that something I had is something I still would like, or an activity I used to do for fun is still (in maybe a slightly different version) incorporated into my life somehow. That things do come full circle.

Vintage belts like this sold here. This kind of looked like one of mine.
Do you have items that you hold close to your heart? Have you busted them out lately? Should I order another one of these belts?!!! ;)

The Appalachian Mountains - so beautiful. Have you been?


  1. love these belts!

  2. like your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!