Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mirror, Mirror On My Wall

In September I'm moving... which means I need all new stuff for my room. Part of that is because when I moved to this room, I bought furniture stuff that is incapable of being taken apart & then put back together again. The other reason is that I want my room to look awesome, and new (well, actually old ;). Here are three four things that will make the coziest room ever. Oh, and a song to listen to, in my new room...in September.

Lake Tahoe Dresser made from reclaimed wood - get it here. This thing is like a piece of art.  Even the top is amazing.

This handpainted green mirror has gems and little details all over. From afar it has that old copper look, but up close it's a different story. I think it would be a good contrast against the wood surface of the dresser.

The dresser wouldn't be complete without this retro Edison bulb lamp sitting on top. So cool. And only $79!!

One other item I found, that would add some crazy lighting (kind of like a disco ball without the headache) is this desk lamp. What do you think? Maybe to add some backlighting somewhere?
Steamlight Desk Lamp


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  4. Absolutely beautiful pieces! IN love with that dresser....
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