Friday, June 29, 2012

A Right to Bare Arms

Hanging on to a denim jacket or vest but hesitant to wear it in fear of getting mistaken for Clarissa Explains It All? Well you pull that sucker out of hiding and fear no more, because denim jackets have made their return! However, the sleeves seem to have dropped off in the process. (Proof here - The query "jean jacket vest" is actually a "breakout" keyword in the search engines.)

I'm actually really excited about denim jackets being acceptable, because they are the easiest pieces to throw on with anything (unless you HAPPEN to be wearing jean pants - in which I would then ask myself two questions before moving forward with the head to toe denim look 1.) Am I a model? If so, then who cares - Wear it. 2.) Am I looking to attract the opposite sex? If no,  then who cares - Wear it!). 

I've seen celebrities denim-ing out everywhere (a whole story about it here), everyone from Kiera to Rhianna  to Chloe. But the queen of the denim brigade is easy. Just Google "Jessica Alba Jean Jacket" - Wait, don't. Just click here, Click on Images, and you will see that the results areee... mind blowing. This girl easily might be holding down the trend on her own. I like this look, where she adds a little scarf, but my favorite jean vest ensemble is the middle picture (below) of Kate Bosworth. This look wins for me, because the shoes are awesome, first off, and the texture of the skirt and studded handbag adds a little edginess to offset the country inspired vest. Creating the, "I may seem approachable because I'm wearing a jean jacket, but I have rocker in me, so beware" look. 
Images comes from here

If you want to jump on the denim train, check out some options, and then make the crucial decision: vest, or vest with sleeves jacket. I think the key to this look is that you need to be careful not to turn your outfit into a costume. For example, if you add another country inspired item to a denim jacket outfit, you will immediately morph into a cowgirl. Add flower print or a headband to a jean jacket and you will look straight out of early 90's television. Add stilettos and leggings and you turn into...a Kardashian.

Another reason I love this trend is because it obviously is "of the cowboy" and definitely stems from some country roots. In attempting to supply a visual, I'll admit that I did first google image 'Davy Crockett', and much to my dismay, he didn't wear denim at all. But you know who did? This cowboy, and this cowboy, and this cowboy. You're welcome for the last one ;). Oh & BTW, make sure to click all the links in my post, especially if you're a "visual person" (is there anyone who isn't a visual person?), because they are part of the story!

Of course this trend is also a stable staple among the country music community, but remember when it crossed over into pop culture with this dynamic duo? Denim does a great job of providing this open canvas to be slightly altered by designers every couple seasons, and the jacket really is a functional item. Anywhere from the city... to the country. Here is a lookalike jean vest to Kate's, and here is a long sleever, if you're feeling conservative. So what do you say - are you on board with the look? I'll leave you with these 6 final words in terms of jean jackets & potential adornments: Studs are OK. Rhinestones are not :)


  1. Love jean jackets, they are so versatile and make any ensemble instantly more casual and approachable...

  2. love your verbal guidance towards an appreciation of a style.

  3. I love denim jackets too! Mine has become a staple in my wardrobe! Talk about staple jackets, check out my latest post for 3 staple jackets for only £15 :)
    Georgia xx

  4. Love denim jackets, I always have one in my closet!
    I'm a new follower.