Friday, June 1, 2012

Antlers On A Wall.. Home-y or Offputting?

So I've been told that this is strange (rednecky) for me to want, but I've recently had this urge to get painted antlers to hang on my wall.. in an artsier, non-inhumane way of course.

On Etsy they have some cool painted designs. AND I ONLY would get them if they were 100% cruelty-free, like fallen off the head and didn't hurt the animal. (I hope this is possible).

But is it cool, or a purchase that I will regret probably one day (or night - when I see them in the dark) after I manage to hang these suckers on my wall?

Hand painted naturally-shed whitetail deer antler
I think I might go for it.

Or maybe I should ease into it with something like this. Perfect item to wear on a first date. I kid, I kiddd.
Antler Necklace - stylized caribou antlers cast in sterling silver nature woodland
But seriously, if you're into this kind of thing here you go.

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  1. great commentary here... I'm laughing yet I kind of want an antler necklace now..