Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Silly

Here are a few items I've found while perusing online today that are absolutely, completely jokester items. I actually think it's mean that they are for sale, because someone MIGHT buy them. But probably not.

Here they are:

1. The "Ear Cuff"  - As if a blue tooth or swarovski colorful crystals aren't bad enough, let's just roll them up into a little sparkly ball and call it an ear cuff?! WTF is an ear cuff?? One should wear this on a first date. With some they obviously aren't into.
Race to buy this here at Asos
2. Knuckle Rings - this must have been thought of by a beginner marketing student who learned that the best type of product to create is one that fills an "unmet need," except they thought that a knuckle ring was a need. It's not, and to me, it's ridic.

Find these mings (mini rings) here
3. Silk Bodysuit - now this gives the ILLUSION that you are wearing a bra and underwear, but you actually aren't - you are wearing a full body suit. 1) This would be interesting to wear while hooking up with someone drunk - to test weather they knew it was an illusion or not 2) It's $822. A large price to pay to look very unsexy.

Check out the THONG DETAIL here
And if you want to play hard to get this weekend, buy this...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Tunes

Need a happy Friday song? Listen to this one - it's so comforting for some reason. It's called "Nobody" by Hiatus.

On another note, there are lots of beautiful shoes out for Spring, and many of them at actually great prices. Aldo RISE (part of ALDO that gives designers a chance to work with its team) has collaborated with Preen to make these babies below. Love the white strappy heels. I've never been big into finding the lower priced pieces like these, but I actually think these styles are really great.
More here at
I love the bold styles this season - so visually pleasing. This pair of Sam Edelman sandals is super reasonably priced and has a very similar look. Definitely want these.
Sam Edelman "Trina" Sandal - Find here at Nordstrom - and they are only $100!
This black pair also by Sam Edelman is a perfect work shoe for Spring. For me the perfect work shoe is black generally, professional with a little flair, and also not a super high heel. I like to be put together but I don't want to regret my heel choice as I am pushing my way through 2 subways in the morning while rushing to work.
Find these at - $130. If you shop at piperlime they tend to send you 20% off coupons (I just got one), so  I will probably use for this pair. Also would be great to show a little ankle with a cropped skinny pant.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nooks & Crannies

So I've been watching GIRLS - the HBO serious, literally most favorite show I've watched in a long time, and part of what I love the show for is the fashion, but I also am obsessed with the decor of each apartment. The show is set in Brooklyn (I'm pretty sure) and the set designers really go all out.
This is Shoshanna's apartment - which perfectly exemplifies her character. Not my style - wayyy too much like something I'd find in my sorority house sophomore year - but I love the Sex in the City poster behind it - I swear GIRLS is the modern day Sex. Literally, just slightly more risque topics (which we are all ready for), set in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan, same great cutting edge style (Brooklyn style) - just great overall.

The apartments are straight out of IKEA mixed with thrift finds and west elm, and each one is so charming, and so representative of the character who lives there. Charlie, one of the guys, has this homemade apartment that is like incredible and everything is perfectly in its space. It's 140 square feet and very compartmentalized.
Literally only 140 Sq. ft. This is real NYC living. 
See the rest of the GIRLS set here in this article - really good. Here, listen to this while you read it and look at the rest of the pics. Then while looking at some other interiors I found the website - some really cool ideas/images below. Sometimes just getting inspired by looking at interiors is all you need.
Have any favorites?
Such a luxury bohemian styled room. Not too cluttered which I like. More here.
This is a dark cozy, but well lit living room. I LOVE THIS. Love rustic with the textures but also clean air & light coming through.
Beautiful movable bar with rainbow painting behind. Such a perfect picture in itself.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Leather is Better

If I had a dollar for every wedge sneaker I saw on a 30-something mother in Tribeca this past weekend... I'd have a lotttaaaa dollars. I'm having a bit of an internal conflict with myself about these "sneakers" because on one hand, it's cool, they are Euro looking...and adding a wedge heel is definitely more flattering than wearing flat sneakers, but on the other hand (or should I say, foot lols), why not just wear normal shoes if you are going to wear heels?!? They are a little too rap music video-y for me, but who knows, maybe I am behind the times. Or maybe the TriBeCa mothers are way chicer than I think. If I had to pick a fave, I guess it would be these black Lacoste wedges. I guess...
Buy them here, if you are so inclined.
They actually are a lot cooler styled and on..
From here

My next favorite thing that I am really excited to receive is my new pair of leather shorts that I got from I just love, love leather shorts, and while they are relatively impractical, I am going to embrace them and scurry around in them once the air temperature hits basically around 73 degrees fahrenheit, ideally when humidity is less than or equal to 50% and the sun is setting. This basically leaves about .2% of this year for me to wear these shorts comfortably, so I am really looking forward to my well thought out investment.
ASOS Leather Shorts

Also on my short list of things I want/need are 1) this pair of Tibi Strap Heels in black because they are just perfect for everything, and honestly, the one strap across your foot plus ankle strap is by far the most flattering sandal 2) this cross shirt. I still love studs and embellishments, just no spikes.

Tibi Black Strap Heels from
Shirt by Motel - also at
If you're into a collared version that also has a cool but more western influenced stud detail, try this one. Plus it's under $50! 
From ASOS - find it here
And I just realized I haven't listened to one song all day, which is probably not helping my stress levels, so HERE, we can listen together. #TimeToBreathe

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Russian Red

Spring looks like it's going to get pretty feisty this year, given 2 of the popular trends that I am very excited about. Let's look at them quickly:

1. Animal Print, Rayerrrr (That is how I spell the feistier version of "meow." I've discussed with people whether this is, in fact, the proper spelling, and after repeatedly acting out the sound (with claws and facial expressions), I think this is the most legit version. I also had 3 cats, now 1, but I of all people know the difference between "meow" and "rayer"... and one generally ends with a bite.)

So anyways, animal print of all types is great, in my opinion. Snake, leopard, le tigre, you name it, I love it. There's no way you don't feel a little more rambunctious when you are wearing animal print, and rambunctious is good. Like, for example, I am wearing a silk snake print shirt today, with a leather collar. Good luck to anyone in my path ;)

So Stylish, especially with the textured jacket. Love this look. Pic taken from

Tracy Reese jacket from - $198 - And this is a great classic piece that  you can wear for more than just the season. Also a good way to spice up work wear. PS. Can you imagine if everyone was required to wear leopard print to work?

This is a cheaper alternative if you are looking to test out whether you have the animal inside of you. Try it at  for only $17.80. With black skinny cropped pants and some great heels you won't know the shirt is cheaper. #smartshopping
2. Tomato Reds - As long as this color is kept with other muted tones, I think this is a great color. I would pair with denim, white, black, tan, you get the point. My hesitation with reds in general comes from a class I took while I interned at an ad agency like 5 years ago, where we learned from this lady about the feelings that colors evoke, and how red means "cheap." And I was wearing red that day. I was like, "thanks, bitch."

 But this is a different, richer version (I made that up, but let's go with it) of the color, no really. It is a better tone in my opinion. Try it out. PS: If you like attention, this is the shade for you. Calling all attention whores!! (hehe jk.)

From - Love this style trouser, but I know that I tend to actually WEAR skinny pants much more than the wider leg. See below.

You can find these at - $253 by True Religion

Here is the economy version, but again - great way to try a style and if you like it, then invest in a more expensive pair. These are from - only $37.30!
Again, if you have purchased pants/shorts etc from ASOS before and you understand the sizing, please let me know!! I ordered a pair of leather shorts from there (probably a risky choice given that leather doesn't stretch, and they were kind of expensive, and I don't know my size there so I guessed) so I will shortly find out the harsh truth, but I would love to hear some feedback! My main question - If you are say, a size 2, would you order a US 4 from ASOS? 

Carpe Diem!!
I hope you enjoy these 2 easy ways to spice up your Spring wardrobe!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

So this is my guilty pleasure post. Aka: if I lived alone and didn't leave my house (which obviously would have a bunch of kittens in it) I would wear certain things that would make me ridiculously happy to hang out in, but these are things that I most likely don't want to wear in everyday life because a) no one would take me seriously, like not even a little or b) I don't know what b is. But then I think, who cares, maybe I should just buy all these things and wear them all at once?

1. Glitter Nails - I actually have remnants of glitter over my current light nude polish, although there are only chips left. (Nice, I know.) But these take it to a new level with these longer nails. ps. How fun would it be to type with them!?

Now I am no Martha Stewart manicurist, so your guess is as good as mine as to how you create these rainbow nails. I would check another blog for information like that. But if you like looking - here are more ideas. And if I do ever attempt an activity like this (clearly this is more advanced than the jewelry box I am looking to craft), I will definitely post the results. 

Crazy, I know.

2. Sparking Accessories - 100% this pair of pumps and this bag would be necessary
Louboutin Crystal pumps - straight out of a music video
Find this on here

Kate Spade glitter clutch

3. Rainbow shorts - now I know I'm getting a little excessive here, but why not just go all out at this point, given that - rememberr...- I'm at home where no one can see me. PS: If I had to buy one of these items to wear in real life, these shorts would probably be the first on my list.

More here

4. Animals and living accommodation: Himalayan kittens (that would remain kittens, and I would have multiple) plus most perfect cottage, that would also be most likely smallest cottage in the world, and cutest.

Picture like 6 of these guys, min

If you want to read more about this amazing little cottage, go here. I've been looking at it for a long time now.