Monday, March 11, 2013

Everything in its Right Place

Happy Monday! One thing I generally do over the weekend at some point (this may sound odd, so don't be alarmed) is re-organize like everything I have in my room so that each of shirts & jeans are folded and clustered, hanging clothes are segmented and aligned - basically everything is perfectly sitting there. I've always been really organized, but New York has made me even more so! It always seems like there isn't enough room, so with tighter spaces, I find myself having trouble remembering what I have since everything is crunched. I also notice that when one thing is out of place, everything feels a bit chaotic. Coming from a large walk in closet (that was totally filled) to a much smaller one now, I've downsized a lot and am constantly cleaning out my stuff - trying to recognize what I have but probably won't wear.

I've always had this philosophy that if you aren't happy with the items you are surrounded by, you will assume all of it is crap, and so you should therefore only surround yourself with meaningful things that you love. I actually read one time that this is proven - and in general, it is a best practice when thinking about the items in your house and room.
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So today on I saw "organize your closet" and was immediately excited. Isn't it such a good feeling to know that everything is in its place? The article is here if you are interested. While I am pretty sure I am on top of this aspect of my life, one thing I recently seem to have issues with is organizing my accessories. I lose them. I buy knew. I don't have the right things for the right outfits. Right now, I am not wearing one accessory, aside from my everyday diamond ring and watch. It's BECAUSE all of my shit is in these 2 little drawer organizer things and there is no rhyme or reason for how they are sorted. I am going to take on this challenge next weekend, if St. Patty's day activities don't get in the way.
Great, but there is no way my woodworking skills will be able to create this little indian in the cupboard style necklace home. Maybe down the road..

After yesterday's BYOB painting class (I painted a "pop part Mona Lisa" with friends in Brooklyn") and my new resolution to do a project every Sunday, I think a jewelry organizer for the wall (since I literally have no other space to put anything) is perfect. I've found some ideas on and Urban Outfitters and am going to try and take a stab at combining the elements I like from both. I think that doing a rustic kind of wood 16" x 16" frame will be more like a piece of art and will blend well in my room (I also have a goat rug, deer antlers, country black and white pic - will show a pic sometime, it's awesome) and with little hooks, will be a very functional piece. I really just need it for my necklaces. Any favorites? Have you every made one?
This seems to be the most rational thing to attempt to make and it isn't too distracting. I don't want this to be a focal point of my room, or a distraction.  Found here at
Then there is this "reclaimed wood key hook" from Urban Outfitters that  I also love, and I think the hooks might be even easier to install with this, plus they look cooler. I just need a few more hooks. Want to take the easy way out and just buy it? I understand. Find it here - it's only $24.

Oh, and here's a pic of my outfit from yesterday's painting class in Brooklyn. I chose Redneck Chic (duh), and my friends opted for "Rachel Zoe on the Farm" and "Country Goth." (We wanted to look "expressive") I'll post our masterpieces at a later date. And if you are in the NYC area, I definitely would suggest going to "Brooklyn Painting Lounge" - it's like $55 for 2-hour painting lesson that is themed - sometimes Picasso, etc, ours was Pop Art Mona Lisa. Really fun, plus we drank sparkling wine though the whole thing = Perfect Sunday.
And another one of me happily painting with a little cup of bubbly.


  1. I organize my closet twice a year, in spring and in fall, now... I'm waiting for spring to come.

  2. If you have any good tips let me know!! Love spring cleaning.

  3. What neat jewelry organizer ideas!