Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

So this is my guilty pleasure post. Aka: if I lived alone and didn't leave my house (which obviously would have a bunch of kittens in it) I would wear certain things that would make me ridiculously happy to hang out in, but these are things that I most likely don't want to wear in everyday life because a) no one would take me seriously, like not even a little or b) I don't know what b is. But then I think, who cares, maybe I should just buy all these things and wear them all at once?

1. Glitter Nails - I actually have remnants of glitter over my current light nude polish, although there are only chips left. (Nice, I know.) But these take it to a new level with these longer nails. ps. How fun would it be to type with them!?

Now I am no Martha Stewart manicurist, so your guess is as good as mine as to how you create these rainbow nails. I would check another blog for information like that. But if you like looking - here are more ideas. And if I do ever attempt an activity like this (clearly this is more advanced than the jewelry box I am looking to craft), I will definitely post the results. 

Crazy, I know.

2. Sparking Accessories - 100% this pair of pumps and this bag would be necessary
Louboutin Crystal pumps - straight out of a music video
Find this on here

Kate Spade glitter clutch

3. Rainbow shorts - now I know I'm getting a little excessive here, but why not just go all out at this point, given that - rememberr...- I'm at home where no one can see me. PS: If I had to buy one of these items to wear in real life, these shorts would probably be the first on my list.

More here

4. Animals and living accommodation: Himalayan kittens (that would remain kittens, and I would have multiple) plus most perfect cottage, that would also be most likely smallest cottage in the world, and cutest.

Picture like 6 of these guys, min

If you want to read more about this amazing little cottage, go here. I've been looking at it for a long time now.

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