Thursday, March 14, 2013

Russian Red

Spring looks like it's going to get pretty feisty this year, given 2 of the popular trends that I am very excited about. Let's look at them quickly:

1. Animal Print, Rayerrrr (That is how I spell the feistier version of "meow." I've discussed with people whether this is, in fact, the proper spelling, and after repeatedly acting out the sound (with claws and facial expressions), I think this is the most legit version. I also had 3 cats, now 1, but I of all people know the difference between "meow" and "rayer"... and one generally ends with a bite.)

So anyways, animal print of all types is great, in my opinion. Snake, leopard, le tigre, you name it, I love it. There's no way you don't feel a little more rambunctious when you are wearing animal print, and rambunctious is good. Like, for example, I am wearing a silk snake print shirt today, with a leather collar. Good luck to anyone in my path ;)

So Stylish, especially with the textured jacket. Love this look. Pic taken from

Tracy Reese jacket from - $198 - And this is a great classic piece that  you can wear for more than just the season. Also a good way to spice up work wear. PS. Can you imagine if everyone was required to wear leopard print to work?

This is a cheaper alternative if you are looking to test out whether you have the animal inside of you. Try it at  for only $17.80. With black skinny cropped pants and some great heels you won't know the shirt is cheaper. #smartshopping
2. Tomato Reds - As long as this color is kept with other muted tones, I think this is a great color. I would pair with denim, white, black, tan, you get the point. My hesitation with reds in general comes from a class I took while I interned at an ad agency like 5 years ago, where we learned from this lady about the feelings that colors evoke, and how red means "cheap." And I was wearing red that day. I was like, "thanks, bitch."

 But this is a different, richer version (I made that up, but let's go with it) of the color, no really. It is a better tone in my opinion. Try it out. PS: If you like attention, this is the shade for you. Calling all attention whores!! (hehe jk.)

From - Love this style trouser, but I know that I tend to actually WEAR skinny pants much more than the wider leg. See below.

You can find these at - $253 by True Religion

Here is the economy version, but again - great way to try a style and if you like it, then invest in a more expensive pair. These are from - only $37.30!
Again, if you have purchased pants/shorts etc from ASOS before and you understand the sizing, please let me know!! I ordered a pair of leather shorts from there (probably a risky choice given that leather doesn't stretch, and they were kind of expensive, and I don't know my size there so I guessed) so I will shortly find out the harsh truth, but I would love to hear some feedback! My main question - If you are say, a size 2, would you order a US 4 from ASOS? 

Carpe Diem!!
I hope you enjoy these 2 easy ways to spice up your Spring wardrobe!


  1. Very nice post!! Do you want to follow each other, let me know?! :)

  2. I used to have a pair of red jeans, I think I need a new pair.

  3. for some true-blue, tomato red nails, i recommend revlon "revlon red".... just applied some last night, and it is wonderful and on trend.

  4. I ordered a shirt from ASOS, the one you suggested, button down, short sleeve with a collar. I loved it. I found the size to be pretty close or lean towards slightly larger than the size. I love this blog and all your suggestions.