Monday, March 18, 2013

Leather is Better

If I had a dollar for every wedge sneaker I saw on a 30-something mother in Tribeca this past weekend... I'd have a lotttaaaa dollars. I'm having a bit of an internal conflict with myself about these "sneakers" because on one hand, it's cool, they are Euro looking...and adding a wedge heel is definitely more flattering than wearing flat sneakers, but on the other hand (or should I say, foot lols), why not just wear normal shoes if you are going to wear heels?!? They are a little too rap music video-y for me, but who knows, maybe I am behind the times. Or maybe the TriBeCa mothers are way chicer than I think. If I had to pick a fave, I guess it would be these black Lacoste wedges. I guess...
Buy them here, if you are so inclined.
They actually are a lot cooler styled and on..
From here

My next favorite thing that I am really excited to receive is my new pair of leather shorts that I got from I just love, love leather shorts, and while they are relatively impractical, I am going to embrace them and scurry around in them once the air temperature hits basically around 73 degrees fahrenheit, ideally when humidity is less than or equal to 50% and the sun is setting. This basically leaves about .2% of this year for me to wear these shorts comfortably, so I am really looking forward to my well thought out investment.
ASOS Leather Shorts

Also on my short list of things I want/need are 1) this pair of Tibi Strap Heels in black because they are just perfect for everything, and honestly, the one strap across your foot plus ankle strap is by far the most flattering sandal 2) this cross shirt. I still love studs and embellishments, just no spikes.

Tibi Black Strap Heels from
Shirt by Motel - also at
If you're into a collared version that also has a cool but more western influenced stud detail, try this one. Plus it's under $50! 
From ASOS - find it here
And I just realized I haven't listened to one song all day, which is probably not helping my stress levels, so HERE, we can listen together. #TimeToBreathe


  1. I think I would love a pair of wedges, yes, I would :).

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