Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nooks & Crannies

So I've been watching GIRLS - the HBO serious, literally most favorite show I've watched in a long time, and part of what I love the show for is the fashion, but I also am obsessed with the decor of each apartment. The show is set in Brooklyn (I'm pretty sure) and the set designers really go all out.
This is Shoshanna's apartment - which perfectly exemplifies her character. Not my style - wayyy too much like something I'd find in my sorority house sophomore year - but I love the Sex in the City poster behind it - I swear GIRLS is the modern day Sex. Literally, just slightly more risque topics (which we are all ready for), set in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan, same great cutting edge style (Brooklyn style) - just great overall.

The apartments are straight out of IKEA mixed with thrift finds and west elm, and each one is so charming, and so representative of the character who lives there. Charlie, one of the guys, has this homemade apartment that is like incredible and everything is perfectly in its space. It's 140 square feet and very compartmentalized.
Literally only 140 Sq. ft. This is real NYC living. 
See the rest of the GIRLS set here in this article - really good. Here, listen to this while you read it and look at the rest of the pics. Then while looking at some other interiors I found the website bohemiantreehouse.com - some really cool ideas/images below. Sometimes just getting inspired by looking at interiors is all you need.
Have any favorites?
Such a luxury bohemian styled room. Not too cluttered which I like. More here.
This is a dark cozy, but well lit living room. I LOVE THIS. Love rustic with the textures but also clean air & light coming through.
Beautiful movable bar with rainbow painting behind. Such a perfect picture in itself.


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