Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 2: Winter "Wonderland"

So after my rant yesterday about the weather, I thought it would be appropriate to include a couple pics and then a couple nice tunes to listen to while you are inside - or out, if you are that lucky. My mom and grandma are currently in Boca Raton, Florida, probably brunching, and I am currently booking a flight to join them in a few weeks. They don't know about my visit yet ;)
If you aren't familiar with Boca, this is it. 
So heading to work this morning was - wet. Below you can see. It's something about NYC that is different from anywhere else, in that you have to actually deal with the climate - for like a solid 30 minutes sometimes as you get yourself to work or wherever you are heading. Like you really have to think ahead before you step outside, or you could be setting yourself up for a very unpleasant next 30 minutes. Ex: One time I decided to wear ballet flats on a day snowier/slushier than this.
So this is Union Square - or the bottom east part of it, where I enter ze zubway. 
And I thought it would be appropriate to also show me in my own environment - sexy black puffy jacket and all. Can I tell you how excited I am to not wear this thing anymore? It's just like the only outerwear that is legitimately warm enough in this "situation" so I've decided it's more important to be physically comfortable than aesthetically pleasing. I don't think I've ever included a pic of myself on my blog thus far, so I am sorry we have to meet this way :), but this is only to exemplify my inner conflict and super cute outfit. Joke.
I promise to include only those pics that exclude double chins from here on out. 
And now if you are at your desk, or wherever by a computer, I think it's a perfect time to share a few good happy little songs, since they are what is getting me through a good deal of this day - coupled with the thought that it's Friday!

Click here if you want a slow remix version of a good 90s song. I LOVE 90s. So HERE YOU GO. I just started using this site, - great for finding new good songs and remixes, so you can follow me - my username is BLAIREMON.

This is another peaceful little tune as well. There are lots more, it's just that I need to start with slower stuff this morning. Enjoy!

Oh, one more thing! In true spirit of this blog - and because I will always like country - here is a mix of something awesome: Taylor Swift, CHVRCHES and Lana Del Rey - take a listen! The CHVRCHES part is super catchy.

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