Thursday, May 30, 2013

No More, Thank you.

Yesterday I didn't feel amazing, so after my 2 pieces of pizza lunch and bacon egg and cheese breakfast, I thought I could get control of myself for dinner so I went to Liquiteria which is a fabulous juice and smoothie shop, with other super healthy snacks.
You really should stop in here if you're in the East Village - it's awesome.
I got the "Mean Green" which is a refreshing green smoothie that also has pineapple and some mango to tone down the greenery taste. You can taste a hint of spinach but I love it. So I got that as an appetizer and then also grabbed the first 4 juices I could see, because the store got me all motivated and healthy feeling. I really don't know much about juicing or detoxing, for that matter, so I figured that if I got a random mix of "drinks" that it would suffice.

Yesterday I kicked my little detox off with the smoothie, but then was starving so I opened up the red drink - something with Beets. There are other flavors in this one, most specifically ginger, and I can totally see how this curbs your hunger because it's freaking disgusting. I tasted it and then opted for the watermelon juice I got. (Disclaimer: I am only saying that MY taste buds are not cultured and developed enough to appreciate liquid beets.  I'm not saying the drink totally sucks, and I can totally see how a lot of people would love just chugging this thick, red, spicy concoction on a day when they have had nothing to eat for the last five days.)
Mr. Green. It's red, and it's potent.
Today I was left with the green drink, the beets (1 sip removed) and this Organic Pili Milk. Now after digging into cleanses this morning via the internet, I quickly realized that the juices need to basically be vegetables, and specifically of the green sort - so my watermelon drink and my faux chocolate shake aren't really having the potent detox effects I was going for. Either is my beet drink, that "accidentally" fell into my trash half way through. After that I may have gotten a bacon egg and cheese. I said MAY.
This is the nutty one. Kind of chocolaty tasting and definitely filling. But also not on the juice cleanse plan. Woops. 
So the Organic Pili Milk is my favorite thus far, even though I don't think it counts, because it definitely is filling (I'm chew drinking it) and I like the coco-esque flavor. I am very curious as to how many calories it has - and I am almost positive that I definitely am not starving myself with this one. I'm going to attempt drinking the green drink I have at home for dinner (yay) but then I'm going to drinks so that also negates probably any of my efforts.

Next "cleanse" I will be more prepared, knowledgable and mentally ready - especially when I am about to spend $45 on like 5 juices. If you are reading this and know anything about cleansing/detoxing/juicing, please share. I would love to hear some advice. I do realize that it is supposed to be like a meal supplement and not just a drink with your meal (kinda) so any additional info would be welcomed. :)

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