Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Go West Young Man

So on my flight to Chicago this morning, at the wee hour of 6:00am, I made a fabulous discovery that enhanced my mood greatly (ok, only slightly. as it was 6am). I was reading the August edition of GLAMOUR mag and found a whole write up on Western Wear! Do you believe it? I do, bc it's great. Western wear seems to be popping up everywhere from better designers to fast fashion stores. Similar to one of the shirts they featured (or maybe this is it) was this Alexander McQueen Western Button Up which is awesome. My friend asked me if I would wear it... (Duhh). And it's kind of like a new but obviously vintage inspired take on the chambray shirt that we've seen so much. Here is a Jean/Western Mix from, but in my opinion, it's better to commit to the style. Give it a shot. Test it out in your neck of the woods.Try this on (below) for inspiration.
From Rag&Bone, find it here.
There are a lot of great renditions and takes on this Western inspired trend, like this tank and lace combo  (pictured below), at, baby. Best part? It's $38. And so great with some short shorts & ankle boots (see a few posts prior to this one). Another sleeveless shirt I love is this peachy colored one embellished at the collar, from also has this Ralph Lauren studded pocket shirt in denim, which is cool, too. But I wouldn't say that you couldn't try making that one yourself. Be sure to add some accessories to this western outfit to make it clear that you are purposely dressing in the style and you know exactly what you're doing ;) - rather than getting mistaken for a "Hey, Dude" cast member circa early 2000s. Oh, and if you're really on the fence, check out this new little secret I found. You can give the western look a little test drive, if you will, before committing to the pricier stuff.


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