Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekend Projects

So I have been really wanting some projects lately and I think my next one will be to make a pair of tie dyed jean shorts. (See below).
I like the ones on the left the best.
They do seem a little difficult to make and actually look good and cute - I am looking to get a pastel color and a nice pleasing to the eye rainbow fade across the front and back, not like grateful dead hippied-out bright primary colors that hurt the eyeballs. 

Other styles I like are below:
These are from Etsy.com and are $35.
And THESE are my super favorites - there is no chance in hell I will be able to craft these babies and get these little splatter effects - I just LOVE them. 
Also find these on Etsy - also the person's store is really cool - see the spiked loafers.
So once I find directions that are sufficient, I will post them. I just watched a few youtube videos and am becoming more and more inclined to just buy the pair above - between the supplies and risking ruining my bathtub and staining my hands - this looks like kind of an ordeal. Also, each video seems a little different. Will post whatever I decide! 

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  1. Loved tie dye shorts... too old for them now but love reminiscing while seeing your article.