Thursday, April 4, 2013

And I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles

I have been on this ridiculous, incessant, never ending hunt for comfortable heels for awhile now, and while one day I will invent them (a perfect stylish pair of black pumps that fits snuggly around your heels with no blisters, has padded arch support and a memory foam foot bed to keep the balls of your feet happy after walking to work), for now I am left to find which brand offers the most stylish, least granny, most comfortable version of a black pump. I've literally done a lot of research and this is my list of finds. Wait, one second. So the reason I've been so obsessed with finding a comfortable pair of heels is because I've found that everyday I am wearing the same black flats or House of Harlow black booties or my black riding boots to work, and I am sure that no one is thinking I am epitomizing professionalism over here from my cube. Today, for example, I look like G.I. Jane.
You see what I'm talking about?
THIS CAN'T be screaming "I am on my path to being the next CMO." So I recently reorganized my closet and put my heels in the front row so I can't ignore them and move straight onto the non sexy little flats that keep me at my normal height. But when I thought into WHY I don't wear heels to work, I realized it's because I don't like my foot wiggling around while walking down the stairs to the subway or getting jerked around on the L Train (I learned the hard way that it's imperative to hold on to the pole, regardless of what bacteria might be chilling on it) and I basically just want to be comfortable and feel as though I can sprint at any moment (a) to get away from cars that speed up to hit you while crossing the street b) in case I ever need to run from someone.

So my friends and I decided via group text that it is very hard to find comfortable stylish heels. We agreed that strapping yourself into a bootie or heel makes you feel a little more stable, but this doesn't solve the footbed "dear God the balls of my feet are on fucking fire and I can't take another step" feeling. So here is my list that I've found thus far. Clearly when I invent my comfy pump it will be at the top of the list. I need to get to work.

1. **BANANA REPUBLIC** (I gave it stars because it's the current winner) - I recently walked into Banana Republic store and grabbed a flat and when I touched it my little index finger sunk in and I was so happy to find that it has memory foam bottoms! I bought a pair of flats that are amazing and also just purchased a pair of ankle strap sandals yesterday, since I can't stop online shopping.
These at Banana Republic are $120, and if you use the coupon code  "BRAPRIL30" you get 30% until 4/7!!  Only $74!! I think these will turn to be a Spring favorite.
These nude pumps also have the comfort technology and  the thicker heel will definitely make long walks more comfortable.
2. Cole Haan - these are known for the "Nike Air" technology and while I recently purchased the pair below, I do still think definitely think there is room for improvement in the comfort department. For now, they are comfortable enough.
Great work shoes. Buy them here.

3. Nine West - I recently purchased this pair due to the amazing ratings - literally everyone (and by everyone I mean all the people I don't know writing reviews for this shoe that I am intently listening to) said they could walk all day in them. For the price, I thought I'd go for it. So good  at only $36.44 - and leather! One pair left, so I would hurry if you are an 8!
Buy them on Amazon here
4. ME TOO - My friend told me this morning that ME TOO makes very "smushy" heels as she called it, and that description was perfect for me. I actually almost bought this pair of heels yesterday (below) since I really want a great black ankle strappy heel for the summer, but I want one that I know I will wear and feel good walking around in all night.
ME TOO - find them here at piperlime - Also only $99
5. Kenneth Cole Collection - I am putting this one last because I don't think it exists anymore, and I am disappointed that they didn't continue this line at a logical price. So one day I discovered this shoe in the Kenneth Cole store on 5th avenue (I have no idea why I even walked in) but I picked up these beautiful black pumps and noticed they had an elastic band to hold your heel in place, 2 layers of memory foam, arch support, rubber soles, etc. - literally an orthopedic dream. But the price was $225. I thought that was ridiculous for Kenneth Cole, so I put them down. Obviously many others thought the same because the line extension went away and I don't think the brand has really turned around either. But anyways, hopefully someone else will make a shoe just like this for a reasonable price, and if they don't then as I told you, I will.

The collection is called "925" - hence the silver heel. You can read more about the comfort technology here.
So if you have any suggestions for the best most comfortable pumps or heels please let me know!! Why don't we already have this available to us??

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