Friday, April 5, 2013

The Colors, Duke, the Colors! I'm Colorblind, Kid.

Yea, got your attention!
OK, First, watch this. 
You are about to be hypnotized in the best possible way.

Isn't that beautiful? I learned about the musician from a documentary called "Press Pause Play" which was very interesting - about the changing world of music and technology - I highly recommend it.

So on a less important & meaningful note, just 2 days after I posted about tie dye (literally was slightly embarrassed to share my interest in it), has a whole page on tie dye's return to the spotlight. Check out this literally one of a kind outfit below. They could have chosen way cooler images to include in their slide show of pieces, but hey.. who cares. I'm just happy they share my interest in these little rainbow numbers.

Read more here! FUN!
So on another exciting and colorful note, I ordered patio furniture for the terrace outside my room today which I am VERY excited about. I was going for this look (below)... but Rome wasn't built in a day... and either was my terrace. Plus, the environment is a little different, so I have to work with what I have.

So the primary difference here is that my space is a bit more confined (NYC) and I overlook other apartments instead of a waterfall - and in place of that little bear on the lounge chair will probably be a pigeon, and rather than all of those trees I have one potted (dying) "money tree" that tends to flip over mid day so I have to pick it up in the mornings, dust it off, and put some of its dust back in. 
BUT, outdoor space in NYC is awesome and I have a view of the clock tower in Union Square AND I can hear the church bells ring AND I only have like 3 apartments that can see me when I lay there tanning. Until now I've tanned twice out there, and both times I laid on newspaper (homeless style) but now that I have lounge chairs it's going to be like literally walking out to a resort. YESSSss. And definitely better than going to lay out in Washington Square park because I have a bathroom inside and no crazies to get near me while I lay in peace and (partial)quiet.

So, I was assuming that the furniture I ordered would come looking like the 2 lounge chairs, 2 chairs and 1 small table, but instead was surprised to find 2 medium sized but like disproportionately heavier square boxes outside my door yesterday. "Now how can a lounge chair fit in a 3x3 ft box?," I thought to myself. "Fuck, it doesn't," I replied to myself. I guess for like $200 large items don't come assembled ex: IKEA, so now I have important plans for Saturday morning, because I need to build this furniture asap. Will post pics of it as soon as it's built! PS. I'm like secretly happy it came in pieces because I love building stuff. It's so rewarding when you get to look at a final product after a few days hours.

Here is one more good song to work to that I used to love in college, if you are interested. Love instrumental stuff like this. Especially when it involves a guitar or banjo. Nothin' like a good banjo.

Have a good weekend! 

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  1. OMG I laughed through your whole experience. This section reminded me to do things that are silly and fun...the things we've always done but have let life get in the way of making silly time a priority.
    I love reading your's like a surprise each time.
    Also love the two videos you put up. I will definitely enjoy chilling to that music.