Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Good Finds & Weekend Fun

Here are some good finds that I wanted to share - that I've either purchased already or have on my list. I NEED to chill with this!!! Hope you enjoy! :)
$18 Rustic Whitewashed Jewelry Hanger - Find it here. I tried shoving strategically placed nails into my wall and it looked too messy so I pulled them out. Now I need something to cover the holes, plus it's like a piece of functional  art :)
I've always loved gold hoops. These are 14k gold filled with a cool hammered look. Also, they are light, so even though they are 2" they won't be too JLo. They are $38 plus shipping. (Purchased, yay)
I really want this so bad. I love the lighter wood, it's a little more modern rustic than just country. So pretty. I'd like to try and make it as a project on a weekend day, but it just seems like an ordeal to try and find round wood slices, the wood frame, the wood backing - mainly it's a wood issue. And in NYC this just seems harder. It's $100 here. 
I've always been in love with Black and White photography and I especially love scenes like this, with amazing lighting. even though the room is abandoned and old, I think it looks so cozy, like it could be in an old charming country house outside Nashville or something. My dream would be to fix up a perfect little country cottage. I would love looking at this photo in my room, it just gives me a good feeling. That's the point of photography anyways right? To give you some kind of feeling? On that note, I kind of think that's the point of everything. Anyways, this photo in the 11x14 version that I would want is $35 on Etsy. I would get it now except that I'd need to have it matted and framed, and the framing part is what gets insanely expensive. I'll save this one for a later date, but I love it.
I think this is an AMAZZZZing table lamp. I can't get over it. I love the balance of the translucent light up bubbles combined with the bronzed base. It comes from Tel Aviv, and it's funny because literally half the jewelry and other pieces I love on Etsy are from Israel. There is such a distinct design to their art, that I can't put my finger on. It's like a touch of whimsy or something. This looks like it should be WAY more than its $150 price tag, in my opinion. It's also a decent size - a little over a foot in height.

So charming, and it would cast an INSANE reflection on your ceiling. A great conversation piece.
This druzy necklace is 24k coated over sterling silver, and so beautiful with the rainbow sparkles. It's $60, but best, NO SHIPPING! Find it here. 
Another thing I found this weekend were these awesome rings at the Brooklyn Flea Market in Ft. Greene. I went there with my brother and it only took like 30 minutes from the East Village - welp, it took like 45 to get back because of that elusive damn Ghost train, but not a big deal.
Isn't this like straight Game of Thrones!? I bought the sword, but I thought the wolfy was a little too much, plus it was too big, but still pretty cool. Only $15 for the brass ring! (I think it's brass.) 
I found this guy (below, left) on Etsy and it's cool because you can inscribe your own message on the leather band. I had "In the Midst of Winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer" printed because I love the quote. It's pretty inspiring. And hopefully I will be invincible this summer:) $18 on Etsy here. The baby skull bracelet on the left has a teeny rose gold skull and I LOVE it. Got it here for only $12!

Now for the rest of my weekend - it really felt so long...
Went to the Mondrian Rooftop Bar on Sunday with my friend Marina - amazing 360 degree view of the city and it was a beautiful day. We went there for more drinks after a tasty and booze filled brunch at Ken & Cook on Kenmare Street. All you can drink for $40. And we drank all we could.
Day turned into night, and night turned into us sitting IN this flowerpot to take a picture. The downstairs at the Mondrian is my favorite. It's like a secret garden + wedding - with the outside swing and lights and everything. Very pretty.
The day before that (on Saturday) I had an awesome day with my brother - that's the day I went to Brooklyn Flea Market. We started there, feasted on Bratwursts and looked at all the vintage stuff and then headed over to Bedford Street in Williamsburg to stroll around there and have another lunch/dinner. I actually am still a little confused by the prices at the Brooklyn Flea Market though - I have to say I think some of the vendors might be confused and think they are actually selling NEW stuff?? Look, I know they have to rent out their space and so they (I'm sure) factor that cost into the selling price of their items, but it IS a FLEA MARKET and not that I've been to more than like 3, but I do think it is very commonplace to bargain with customers. I found these little iron dear antler heads that would've been cool if I nailed them to an old piece of reclaimed wood and made it into a jewelry hanger, but thanks to the unfriendly seller who offered me ONE DOLLAR off $44, I instead left the dear heads on her little broken table and bought something cooler on Etsy for half the price, and 1/8th of the effort. I asked the lady if she could do like, at least $40, which I still think would have been overpriced considering that I would still have to actually create the project I wanted, so I'd have to buy other shit to attach it with AND worst of all, go to home depot (that place is my least favorite store in the world), but she just wouldn't budge on the price, and she definitely felt no remorse. I mean, isn't selling something for $4 cheaper better than selling nothing at all? I guess to each her own.

It was really cool to look at all the items, especially the vintage jewelry and old wooden boxes and home stuff.
Ft. Greene was really pretty too, nice to see a new neighborhood in Brooklyn. 
So after we went back to Williamsburg and strolled into some of the stores there - such a lively street. The best part was that they blocked off most of the street from cars and laid sections of grass down, so you literally could just lay down in the street and hang out. I love Williamsburg because I feel like I can walk slower there than in Manhattan, I guess because there are less cars/taxis/etc, but this just made it even better.

OK, this is the 2nd image I've posted on my blog that gets smooshed down - I don't understand it. Anyways, it gives you an idea of how cool the chunks of grass everywhere were.
After we lunched at a place called "The Bedford" where we ate oysters and had some refreshing summer beers.

Hi, that's me. 

This is my younger brother, Zach.
This was our little table on the side. I don't care that much about showing you the table. What I wanted to  show was this girl's amazing tie dye head. Check, that, out. I said to my brother while we were walking around "God I need to dress weirder here." I literally felt out of place for having one color hair. haha. No I didn't. :)
 And so that post just turned into a weekend recap, but I thought since I actually took photos for once, and because it was such a good weekend, I should just post them. I love looking at other peoples' adventures and I think anything visual (mainly photos) makes reading just so much more fun.

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