Friday, June 7, 2013

P.Etsy, I Love You.

OMG, I just found the most amazing thing on Etsy that 100% I will buy within the hour. LOOK at this. It's a glowing paper house nightlight made out of bamboo, LED lights and mini trees. It's incredibly cute. And best, it has images of NYC that shines through when it's lit.
Find it here on Etsy. It's $57.50.
When it's off it is just a perfectly cute white house, that would look amazing sitting on a dark wood desk or shelf. I am so obsessed with mini things. For some reason I never had a dollhouse growing up, but I literally still want one. I just love miniature versions of real things (ok, not ALL things, but most). Like for example, every year when I would go to The Breakers in Palm Beach as a kid, I'd steal the mini ketchup bottles and jam jars at brunch. I just needed them. I would never even open them, but I liked holding on to them and lining them up. I also have a section for my sample-sized makeup and skin care in my makeup drawer, and I keep it separate mainly because I like looking at how cute and small it is. I bought that mini jar of vaseline not because I use vaseline (I actually don't really know what vaseline is designed for), but I bought it because it's like 1/20th of the normal bottle which I love. To be honest, I wish I still had my set of polly pockets. This is just SO COOL. And the fact that it lights up and could illuminate a dark little nook in your room/on a desk or dresser would make it so cozy.

I assume this is the view that inspired the house with its images? 

Wouldn't this be amazing if you could send in pics of your own house and the artist could construct a mini version for you? These are the artists, and how awesome, they are siblings.

Another similar version here for $52.50.

Another one of my all time favorite recent Etsy purchases is this chunky 18k gold plated chain link necklace that I bought a few weeks back. I love it so much that I just went back for more yesterday and purchased another larger and even chunkier version of what I already had. I was so happy with the quality and price, and it reminded me of a few necklaces I don't even like as much and are pricier - like this Kenneth Jay Lane or this version by 1AR at Saks.
So this is the one that I just purchased above - my latest and largest one. It's $32, and you can have it made larger if you'd like. The designer is super nice and very helpful,  I had a few convos with her via message on Etsy.
You could also get a smaller one which would be an awesome bracelet if your wrist can handle it.
 I was thinking I could wear the two necklaces together, but we shall see. Either way I can't wait to get it. I don't think I was really inspired by any celebs for this one, but I do see they are enjoying the chain link necklaces as well.

Anyways, I love how this thick chain can spice up skinny jeans and a muscle t or dark tank, and can also be worn with a collared or dressier shirt for work. The best part is this necklace is LITERALLY $19, AND it is 18k gold plated, so the color is amazing. And even better against a bit of tanned skin in the summer.
 (On another note, please note Kim's "KW" earrings... how.. charming.)

Everyone's rockin the chain.

Find the smaller one (above) that I already have here. It's $19 and I've worn it like 10 times already, but probably more. 

If you want to check out other goods in the store go here.  I researched these gold chains, looking for the perfect one that was good quality (gold plated) with a cool thick design and this is hands down my favorite one, and it just happens to be at a great price. Love when that happens.
If you are interested in buying this make sure to write "Chic Redneck" in the notes when you purchase. (If there are enough orders the seller was nice enough to say she'd do a giveaway :)

PS. Happy Blonde Appreciate Month to my dearest blondes, Shelly & Sarah. This is a very important time for us, and I hope that we can celebrate this for many (fuck that) ALL of our years to come.


  1. Huge etsy fan! They have such great stuff!