Monday, July 1, 2013

Weeks End

Like I've said before, sometimes Mondays just don't encourage a whole lot of creativity, although this weekend was quite a mix of culture, relaxing, good eating and just fun. Here are some photos in memory of the last two days.
Beer Boutique in Williamsburg - such a great selection of good beers. You can also  pick your beer on tap and they put it into special growlers for you, with some kind of high tech carbon dioxide removal thing (I kind of missed the scientific description while I was looking at all the cool labels). Cool place.

Washington Square Park dancers - literally Cirque du Soleil level, in the heat and dancing on concrete - they were amazing. There's such a weird mix of people "performers" there, so these guys were very refreshing to see. And then there are the people who aren't performers but you still stand and watch them anyways. Like this almost naked very tan man who was doing some kind of tai chi/yoga/mating call in the middle of the park. He stretched against the light pole in a split, one leg up, and did push ups for like an hour. I was mesmerized. 

Side walk chalk display, obvi. But when you look at it, the guy really is an artist. I am always intrigued by people who can draw perfect circles (like my 9th grade math teacher) - and look at how perfect those flower petals are!!

Last night we went to this BBQ place in Williamsburg called Mable's and OH. MY. GOD. It was amazing. We first  went to a place called Fette Sau that is a very popular BBQ spot but even at 7pm on Sunday it was packed so we checked Mable's out instead. I am SO happy we did. The ribs were incredible. I wish I had the same meal for lunch today. Highly recommended. And I know my BBQ. 

Saturday night we went to a friend's loft party in Williamsburg - the apartment is literally the Real World house - legit 7 strangers living in a big ass space in Brooklyn together. There were 7 rooms on the perimeter of the apartment with a big, perfect dance space in the middle. We danced for EVER, so fun. These are 2 of my girlfriends, and funny enough, the 3 of us happened to randomly all wear white. If we didn't stand out already (in BK), this definitely confirmed that we were the token Manhattaners. (Although I would definitely entertain the idea of moving to BK.)

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