Wednesday, January 29, 2014

These Booots Tho

I CAN'T stop thinking about and searching for these boots. I've slowly gotten on this tangent around yesterday at 2pm where I decided I needed yet another pair of pointed toe black leather boots (I am already clocking in at around 6 pairs - I may need other things, but shoes.. but my shoe game is strong) and since then I literally can't stop looking. First off I've noticed that when a style comes out, it needs a specific name. Trying to determine what a boot that comes to above the ankle with a slightly pointed toe and a heel that curves inward (1 inch-ish heel) with elastic around the ankle band so it fits tightly, almost like a glove to the foot and looks rocker/cowboy chic when you wear dark skinny jeans over it is a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS to try and google. I'm in search engine marketing, so this is my shit, but I DON'T know what this style is officially termed! So far the top classifications seem to be "Chelsea Boot" (ok), "Ankle Boot" (this generates a bunch of stupid wide-in-the-ankle-boots, "Boots" (good luck to me on searching by that word), "bootie" (umm) and then the hardest part is I don't want the typical Chelsea boot, which is clunky with a round toe. I want a pointed chic toe. THEN, in addition to this, I want black, preferably with a crocodile look. I can't buy crocodile (would if I could) so I need a printed look on leather to emulate this. This is called "embossed," I have learned. Next. I want the heel to be about an inch, not shorter, so it's flattering on the legs. Also, I want the heel to curve inwards so that it has a little bit of a western feel and looks cool with a tight jean over it, and this, I've also learned is called a "Cuban heel." I found this idea of a boot like 2 days ago when I was getting out of the 3rd Ave. L train and this girl had this like androgynous, westerny look with the coolest dark jeans hanging seamlessly over her boots (almost as if they were one unit) that literally bit her feet perfectly. So sleek - they looked like she didn't even have feet.. just boots for feet. And long story not short, I should have just asked her where she got the boots. So I am left sitting at my desk working searching for boots, and finally I type "Pointed Toe Embossed Chelsea Boot" and thank you Jesus I found what I had been designing in my MIND - the ROCK 40 SAINT LAURENT (sorry for yelling) Stamped Rock Chelsea Boot.

 I almost flipped out when I saw it was on Gilt - but much to my sadness, it was not in my size, and still $779 (although a good deal). On Barney's you can find them for $1,025 if you are such a lucky bastard so lucky. After searching and searching - (I must look so stressed, typing away over here) - I found the best, lowest priced thing that is still leather on - always a good go to for on trend leather goods at reasonable prices for about $100 - and I buy these.
Here you go - By Underground for $106 - if ya like em
So then this morning I take one more shot at the search and leave it to to mention "Modern Vice" on her OOTD so I check there and really, they have a PERFECT paid of embossed Croc Style boots - and I am about to order them, and then I muster up some sort of control. "Blaire: you haven't even gotten the other ones yet. what if you love them? Ps: No one gets rich from spending."
Ok so I'll wait. 
$375 - $400 with tax @ Modern Vice 
Honestly these are so beautiful. I actually like the style even MORE than the Saint Laurent ones. All though I'd FEEL better in the Saint Laurent ones (superficial, but true:). I made my final decision, which...who knows I may end up returning bc these British sizes seem to be a little effed in my opinion  Ex: Why does ASOS say a US sz. 8 = UK 5 when everyone else says it's a UK 6? Potentially the reason every shoe I've ordered from there never fits!? hm. So the trouble with later in the Winter purchases are: How many more months will I wear this? Spring shit is out, shouldn't I focus my efforts on that? I have a bunch of black stuff already - do I need more. lalalala. More visually pleasing pics for your entertainment & viewing pleasure below.
Worn by Johnny Cash - OMG


Cowboy boots with tight jeans



Ahhh, fuck it. I'll order the Modern Vice pair too.

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