Tuesday, November 5, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things $$

I guess it's a little early for the 'ole Christmas/Chanukah wish list but sitting at a computer all day just leads me to searching and researching and finding and before I know it I need/want like 100 things. I love finding my favorite new pieces (nice designer ones) and then if they are trendy, trying to find a still good quality but lower priced version of it. These are a few of my favorite things....

First off, these 2 things by Victoria Beckham - why is all her stuff like perfect?? I actually wouldn't mind wearing a version of this dress (or the next one - my 100% favorite) everyday to work because it's fitted, classic and so sexy (I think) because of the contrast and tailoring. I just love both of these.

This bottom black dress with white contrast collar is PERFECT. I am trying to find a legit lookalike - I thought I found a DVF version and then an Alice & Olivia one, but now I don't know where they are. It seems like there should be a lower priced version of it somewhere, given how classic the style is. I am going to keep looking. This is a perfect Fall/Winter work dress. It might actually make online brokerage a little sexier ;) (My. Industry.)

ACNE Studios Booties - Find on Saks.com
Next up are these Acne Studios Booties that are on Saks.com right now. I initially loved the Miu Miu version from reading Weworewhat.com but then I found the Acne version that I also love.. and thennn... after checking out Asos (they usually have something comparable to the higher end version you are looking for) I found another pair that I ordered.

So if you like these, you might want to test them out with a $115 version that looks ALMOST identical - check these babies out:
Maybe they are SLIGHTLY less shinier but that is the only difference I see - A good option to test out the style. Find them on asos.com here
Get more ideas by checking out http://weworewhat.com/page/7/ - Love this girl's style!

A couple other good finds below:
Perfect retro sunglasses like those on Sienna Miller  (also love her shade of blonde, might be bringing a copy of this pic in Thursday when I have my hair blonded again) - if you like these, check out warbyparker.com.
I'd say most New Yorkers are definitely familiar with this brand that started online and now has some brick and mortar stores in the area - but the cool thing about the brand is that the sunglasses are all cheaper (starting at like $95) AND you can request 5 pairs be sent to you so you can try them on at home and then you order the ones you want! If you are interested, there is actually a Warby Parker deal on Gilt City right now  which I just purchased, because I knew I needed some prescription glasses and wanted to try their sunglasses. If you buy the $95 deal you get $120 towards Warby Parker site purchases (PLUS a $25 credit to Gilt City), and if you get the $150 deal, you get $190 towards the website $40 in Gilt City credit. If you are getting two pairs, the second works perfectly. I am going to hopefully really enjoy these sunglasses I ordered - and if I don't, it sounds like you can return with no problem.

I got these Greenwich sunglasses - find them here  - I love that round black retro shape. There are some Oliver Peoples styles that are similar, but these are hopefully just as cool and a good bit cheaper at $95.

 I think I just love this site because I am in the midst of working on my business plan for my Master's Program (in marketing) and I am also in an eCommerce course, so I'm paying lots of attention to well laid out sites that are easy to navigate and simple - but still full of good content - and I think this one is a perfect example. You can upload a photo of yourself to try the glasses on which is also a cool factor.

Now that the weather in NYC just turned (literally as of yesterday) cold, which I like - it's refreshing - I realized I definitely need scarves so I'm going to try out the "snood" <-- try looking up "scarves" on Asos.com, it's not easy. Apparently a "snood" is our "infinity scarf" which I think sounds super cheap and not too cool so I'm down for the snood. I just like that they are chunkier and thicker - no one wants a little mini scarf necktie - we need warmth! So on Barney's there are lots of good options on sale even - check out the warehouse site!

 Here's a pretty sweet one from Barneys.com but it's pushing $500 - but if you look on the warehouse portion of the site you can find some wooly ones for like $39.
If you need some outfit inspiration, check out this girls blog - Her name is Lizzy and she is not only beautiful but has a great playful style - slightly tomboyish which I love. She's from Amsterdam I think - check her site out here. 
As usual, I love that her style is a mix of highs and lows - Ex: nice bag, nice shoes, and maybe an H&M sweater. In my opinion, this is the SMARTEST way to shop regardless of how much money you have, because if you wear a few nice pieces then everything starts to look great. Also, you wear shoes and bags everyday, and multiple times, so these are great investment pieces. As for a fuzzy blue sweater - this most likely is not an everyday piece (although to each her own), so it's a good time to try something new for a cheaper price and then not have to worry when you don't wear it again.
 Check out this rose gold nail bracelet - it is engraved with the word "outstanding" (if I am reading it right) - which I am a sucker for anything with engraved words because don't you feel luckier/more powerful with some little word added to your body (I guess I just explained the entirety of tattoos?) - who knows. I love the extra details like this - find it on Etsy here. It's only $22 and ships from Manhattan!

Happy Monday ;) (Don't you kinda hate when people say that??)

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